Visual Representation of the Ethics Terminology

This paper presents a visual representation of the ethics terminology. The terms included in the following presentation are the key terminologies related to the study of ethics. According to Gibson (2007), ethics entail the moral judgment of a person about the right and wrong decisions. Ethics play a significant role in business by attracting more customers to the products of the firm, which increases sales and gains. It, also, decreases labor turnover thereby boosting productivity. The following is the presentation of ethic terminology:

Ethic Terminology

Definition and significance

Morality It is the act of conforming to the regulations of correct conduct; virtuous or moral conducts (Gibson, 2007). Morality enables people to differentiate between proper and improper behavior both in religion and business.
Ethics It is a study area that addresses ideas regarding what is bad and good behavior (Gibson, 2007). It is a system or theory of moral principles. It is significant for addressing ethical issues in a business area.
Values These are deeply held significant ideals about what is undesirable or desirable and bad or good that members of a particular culture share (Gibson, 2007). Values are significant for influencing the attitude and behavior of people.
Moral wrong This is a doctrine denoting a lawful principle where a person can make a sensible wrong about an attendant circumstance, but still portray a wicked character (Gibson, 2007).
Moral norms These are the moral behaviors, which people expect to see in their particular social group (Gibson, 2007). For instance, employees should observe the cultural norms of their firm.
Moral duties or obligations These are duties which feel they should accomplish following their thoughts of what is right and wrong (Gibson, 2007).  They guide people to observe their duties in a business setting.
Moral principles These are principles governing the wrong and right, which individuals in a particular social set up can accept (Gibson, 2007).
Morally right Is an action that is centered on doctrines generally considered by people to be honest, acceptable, or right (Gibson, 2007).
Moral standards These are the methodologies or guidelines that significant for making moral decisions (Gibson, 2007). The Golden Rule is the baseline moral standard for most people.
Ethics terminology This refers to a glossary of the commonly used terms at the center for Ethics (Gibson, 2007).

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