Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructure Assets – Texas

Describing the Assets in the Public Location Environment

  • Tornillo Port of Entry is the most recent border crossing point at Mexico-US border after the closure of Fabens Port of Entry that had served this purpose for years.
  • El Paso International Airport is a public airport that acts as a gateway to Northern Mexico, Southern New Mexico, and West Texas. It offers services to airline passenger, general aviation services, and air cargo (El Paso International Airport, 2017).
  • The Texas Crosby Manufacturing plant is known for producing liquid organic peroxides which are utilized in thermoplastics manufacturing.
  • Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant situated as the Somervell County in Texas. The plant contains around 1300 workers and it is run by luminant generation a Vistra energy subsidiary and produces around 1245 MWe.
  • Fabens dam is located at latitude 31.184835o and longitude -106.1253178 in Fabens, El Paso Country, Texas. It has an elevation of 3701ft. This dam is regarded as a cultural feature in the area (TX HomeTownLocator, 2017).

Description of the Threats

Tornillo Port of Entry

With increasing cases of terrorism and crimes, Tornillo Port of Entry faces man-made threat of terrorism and other crimes such as human and drugs trafficking. This threat is considerably high due to high criminal cases in Mexico, and the possibility of Mexico being used as the easiest gateway to US by international terrorists.

El Paso International Airport

This asset is also prone to international terrorism which is manmade threat and accidents. International airport acts as an entry point by foreigners to a country, and without proper measures, it can be used to by terrorist to access the US. Aircraft is also subject to accidents due to various factors that include mechanical problems and poor weather condition (El Paso International Airport, 2017).

Crosby manufacturing plant

Chemical plants are prone to accidents that can subject the operators to serious health hazards. Their poor operations that include poor chemical waste management can easily results to the environmental pollution which can also results to health consequences.

Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear plants also pose great danger to the operators and the surrounding community, especially in cases of accidents, caused by either human error or natural calamities. Poor management of the raw materials and waste products can also be disastrous to the health of the surrounding community.

Fabens Dam

Dams are mostly used as a source of water or hydroelectric power. However, they can become a threat to human life during rainy seasons or natural calamities such as hurricanes. Breaking of the dam’s banks can result to floods which can results to death, destruction of properties, and development of communicable diseases.

Asset Rank Based on Value

  1. Tornillo Port of Entry
  2. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
  3. Crosby manufacturing plant
  4. El Paso International Airport
  5. Fabens Dam

Types of Threatening Activities that Could Occur

Tornillo Port of Entry and El Paso International Airport has been wrongly been used to allow illegal immigrants into the country creating insecurity and economic risk. Negligence at these points can results to entry of illegal weapons, terrorist suspects using false ids, and drugs among other illegal products.Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant and Crosby manufacturing plant are involved in dangerous activities even without involvement of any illegal activity. They need too much cooling, and they become a great threat when there are other calamities that such as hurricanes that risk the destruction of the physical properties. Cases of nuclear waste and reactors and chemical waste mishandling increase the plant risk.There are no illegal activities taking place at Fabens dam. However, floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities risks breaking of banks that can results to disastrous floods and contamination of dam water.

Potential Measures in Place to Prevent Threats

High level of inspection, and surveillance cameras have been employed in Tornillo Port of Entry. A well-established cooling system and waste management techniques have been used to enhance smooth operation for Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. There are also laws restricting the plant operations.Legal measures, and waste management systems are in place to control the Crosby manufacturing plant operations. Tight security measures to all passengers have been employed in El Paso International Airport. Well maintained banks with inlets and outlets to control flow in the Fabens Dam.

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