Intimate Violence in the United States

Intimate violence is a form of abuse that is experienced among sexual partners. It can be manifested in different methods that include psychological, physical and sexual abuse. Intimate violence can happen in different circumstances that include instant violence initiated by normal argument, relation terrorism where one person assume a more powerful position in the relation and dominate the other through intimidation and violence, and resistance violence as one person tries to counter a violent partner. Intimate violence can easily be explained by dominance factor (Strong& Cohen, 2013). This is when one party mostly a woman, is fearful of the reaction of the other party in daily life operation. The other party normally handles any small mistake done by the partner by beating or forcing him or her to do things one would consider to be abuse. The presence of physical abuse, emotional distress, sexual abuse that includes rapes in a relationship can be termed as intimate abuse.

Intimate abuse has become a common thing in the United States. It has subjected most people into violence in their own homes, where one would anticipate being experience peace and relaxation. Intimate violence is attributed to a number of factors which include economic factors, cultural norm, illness, and other life distress. The best way to reduce intimate violence is by reducing social distress and improving quality of life among low income earners. Intimate violence is also increased due to lack of consequences. Mostly when violence is inflicted on a neighbor, one is likely to be punished even by a jail term. However, most intimate violence victims persevere silently. There should be a way in which punishment is inflicted in intimate violence, increasing the cost of engaging in this kind of behaviors. People should also be encouraged to walking out of or terminating the relationships that mud by violence.

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