Was United States Justified in Dropping the Second Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki?

The World War II was a tough struggle that claimed life of about 50 million people including soldiers and civilian. When the allies defeated Germany they were almost sure that they have won the war and the bloodshed among all other struggle were about to end with Germany total surrender. However, there was Japan which was fighting with great determination, despite having no hopes to win. The American calculation of engaging Japan in a ground normal military war projected that America may lose about 1 million individuals in this engagement while japan was likely to lose 10 to 20 million individuals in this war. The war could have taken longer and it was hard to predict unusual things that could happen during that time. With desire to end the war without wasting much time and subjecting more people into war troubles, the US decided to use atomic bombs to force Japan to total surrender. To earn this, it was necessary to have the second bombing and at a close interval with the first one.

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The second bombing managed to demonstrate the American power to Japan and to give a grasp of how the war they are much determined to fight will look like. It sent a clear and strong message that America will not stop at anything than their total surrender. It also demonstrated to them that the war will cause massive death of their people and destruction of their properties without any scratch caused to the US. The second bombing also made Japan realize that America has enough weapons to bring them to their knees.

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The attack was very necessary to force Japan to surrender by creating fear and clearly demonstrating to them that they will lose more than US, if they fail to surrender. It also convinced Japan that the war style has changed and if they could not match the new style, they would rather give up. In case the second attack was not done and within the close range with the first one, Japan had a great chance of dismissing the first attack and match on. However, the second attack sent a stronger message which created fear and forced the Japanese army to surrender, an aspect that marked early end to the World War II. 

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