Ways Establishing a Safety and Health Management System in an Organization Complement and Improve Compliance with the OSHA Standards

In what ways does establishing a safety and health management system in an organization complement and improve compliance with the OSHA standards?

Health and safety management system is a systematic and coordinated approach to safety and health risks management. Health and safety management system assist an organization in improving its safety compliance and performance to safety and health standards and legislation progressively. This kind of a system assists an organization that adopts it in directing its effort in enhancing its work environment. This system describes measures, procedures, and behaviors that promote workers safety and wellness and prevent illnesses and injuries in the workplace.

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Implementation of such system makes it easy for the company to voluntarily examine its working areas and identify aspects that can cause physical or psychological injuries to the users (Maine Deparment of Labor, n.d.).In the spirit of promoting safety and healthy, the organization acts swiftly in changing these aspects to promote wellbeing of those working in the unit. The company with this kind of the system also focuses on promoting risks preventive measures which include wearing protective clothing, installing warning tags and other signs necessary to communicate any danger in any working place, and ensure regular and proper maintenance of their machinery to ensure that they always perform as anticipated (Maine Deparment of Labor, n.d.).

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The goals and objectives of health and safety management system match most of the goals and objectives set in OSHA. For instance OSHA advocate for wearing of protective gear every time a worker is in a dangerous work environment. The ergonomic OSHA rules require an organization to regularly assess its workplace units and determine any ergonomic danger and make adjustments as soon as possible to ensure total safety. Proper maintenance of moving machinery and other important work tools is also demanded by OSHA to prevent damages and to promote work efficiency. Thus, an organization embracing of safety and health management system play a great role in enhancing the OSHA standard compliance in an organization.

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