Ways that Organizations responds to the need to be flexible

Flexible Paid Leave

The organization has implemented a new approach to offeringpaid leave to its employees. The new approach reflects the company’s work environments, its size and the industry it operates in. This kind of approach to paid leave helps employees balance their work duties and their family responsibilities. Furthermore, it provides employers with certainty, stability, and predictableness (Lu, Kao, Chang, Wu & Cooper, 2008). This program guarantees a standard lump of paid leave to the employee, which they may use for any leave purpose.

Although the leave is usually subject to a number of pre-determined parameters such as notice requirements, having flexible paid leave ensures that employees have work flexibility that they require. Any unused leave days are carried foreword to the next period, usually denoted by years, or converted to cash rewards, which ensures even more flexibility. Consequently, employees are not obliged to take a leave if they do not feel the need to do so (Schuler & MacMillan, 1984). This level of leave flexibility allows employees to take leave at their most convenient period thus improving job motivation and productivity.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible workarrangements allow employees to change their work schedule including the time they work as well as the place of workon regular basis. However, these alterations must be consistent and predictable to avoid any inconveniences or interruptions to the company’s operations. In the modern society, employees have other responsibilities such as dependents, school, and other jobs among others (Lu, Kao, Chang, Wu & Cooper, 2008). Furthermore, employees are now less and less likely to sacrifice their social lives due to uncompromising work schedules. By offering flexible work arrangements, the company allows its employees to easily fit the job around their schedule (Schuler & MacMillan, 1984). This increases motivation, reduces absenteeism and reduces turnover rate.

Manpower is one of the most valuable assets that an organization has. Having the right people and the right skills can improve productivity and help secure that organization’s future. Consequently, human resource management is an important aspect of managing any organization. Human resource professionals must always strive to ensure that employees have an optimum work environment in order to ensure maximum productivity.


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