What HRM is and Why it is Important – Article Review

Human resource management refers to coherent and strategic approach which centers on successful managing of workers at all organizational level to attain organizational goals. According to Burma (2014) workers are the organization human resource and the most valuable asset. In this regard, for an organization to be successful it must make productivity of employee as a major goal. The author insists that other than the recognition of HRM as a coherent and strategic approach that is used to manage workers, there is no any other description given on HRM. However, the organizations have more recently regarded the HR department as the department which plays a chief role in training, staffing and assisting in managing people in order for the organization and people to perform at the highest capability in a manner that is highly fulfilling (Burma, 2014). In the international business,

HRM is progressively regarded as a contemporary development whose main purpose is to mold relationships of employment as a tool which might have efficiently replaced other traditions of management such as industrial relations and personnel management (Burma,2014). The author insists that the main purpose of HRM is to enhance performance and people management. This according to the author is attained through particular human resources practices that include appraisal, selection, and recruitment, development of formal human resource policies that partially and directly constrain the development of particular practices and enhancing primary philosophies of human resource that postulate the values which inform practices and policies of an organization (Burma, 2014).

I agree with the writer on the purpose of the HRM. This is because HRM in most organization are involved in workers managed which include taking care of recruitment, remuneration, workers development and workers monitoring. All this is done to ensure that workers have the right skills and ability as well as the right environment to enhance good performance. They are also used in strategic planning whereby they manage workers in a manner that will assist them in attaining the organization goals. Thus HRM main purpose is ensuring that the organization is a capable of attain success through the people employed in it.

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