HRM’s Role in Organizations – Article Review

HRM’s role in organizations.  What main points does the author
(or authors) make

Human resource management according to Mwaniki and Gathenya (2015) is an essential corporate asset which influences the organization performance. HRM main aim is to guarantee that organizations attain success via the workers or people. The HRM distinctive feature is its postulation that enhanced performance is obtained via the people in the organization. The main role of human resource management according to Mwaniki and Gathenya (2015), is to enhance organizational capability and effectiveness of an organization to attain its goals by effective utilization of the available resources.

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The authors insist that he main HRM role is to allow the organization to attain its objectives by providing guidance and taking initiatives and support on every matter associated to its workers. This according to Mwaniki and Gathenya (2015), HRM aims at ascertaining that the management effectively deals with everything related to the development and employment of people and the associations which exist between the workforce and management. The HRM is therefore involved in various personnel management roles that include selection and recruitment, workers training, defining working policies, workers remuneration, handling workers conflicts, monitoring workers performance, and enhancing promotion and demotions based on individual performance.Another HRM chief role according to the author is to enhance the development of favorable work environment that permits workers to make best utilization of their capacities and to recognize their ability to benefit both themselves and the organization. The function of HRM according to Mwaniki and Gathenya (2015), works as part of the full process of business management and cannot be perceived in isolation.

Do you agree?  Why or why not?

I do agree with the author on aspects related to the role of the HRM. HRM is highly involved in all personnel matters that start from hiring to termination. HRM are involved in identifying work positions that need more workers, designing the work requirement and specific qualifications and experience needed for that position, job advertisement, selection recruitment, orientation training, work performance appraisal, promotion, demotion, dismissal, formation of working policies, handling work related conflicts, defining remuneration, incentives and bonuses, leaves, and everything else related to workers welfare.

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HRM is also responsible of developing the organization work climate and culture. Above this they are involved in developing strategic management of the workers to ensure that they work to fulfill the organization strategic performance goal.  Thus, the authors stand on the HRM role matches what I know and witnessed on the HRM responsibilities in a real situation. 

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