Importance of Strategic HRM – Article Review

Importance of strategic HRM.  What main points does the author (or authors) make

Strategic HRM refers to a process which entails the utilization of supreme approaches to the HR strategies development that are horizontally integrated with each other and vertically integrated with the business strategy. These strategies describe plans and intentions associated to the general organizational considerations that include organization efficiency, and to more particular features of people management that include employees relations, rewards, development and learning and resourcing (Cania, 2014). Strategic HRM centers on action that distinguish the company from its competitors. Strategic HRM is important to an organization because it contains clear effort on implementing strategic modification and developing the skill base of the company to guarantee that the company can effectively compete in the future.

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Strategic HRM expedites the human capital development that meets the business competitive strategy requirements so that organizational mission and goals will be attained. The author insists that Strategic HRM is an integral section of business strategy. This strategy main focus is to attain organizational objectives. Strategy is therefore a set of strategic selections some of which might be planned formally (Cania, 2014). The author insists that strategic HRM is important since it enhances planning, and development of systems founded on workforce strategy and employment policy. It is regarded as a coherent technique to the management and design of personnel. It is also used in matching HRM policies and activities to some categorical business strategies, making it possible to perceive organizational workers as strategic resource and also enhancing the attainment of the organization competitive advantages (Cania, 2014).

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Do you agree?  Why or why not?

I highly agree with the author in defining the importance of strategic HRM. Strategic HRM enhances the alignment of the workforce goal with the organization goal such that the attainment of the works goal results to the attainment of the organization goal. It therefore involved a great level of planning and strategizing to ensure great performance in the organization. Generally, strategic management tries to match the organization goals with those of workers such that workers general operation focuses on attaining the organization goals. This planning involves all the above described activities and hence the author view matches my view.

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