Where Should Health and Safety Programs be Placed in the Organizational Structure?

The placement of health and safety program in the organization structure can highly impact the general success of the program in the organization. It is therefore important to identify the best position for the program. Safety program focuses on enhancing employee safety and wellbeing in an organization. It involves the assessment of safety and health risks, identification of safety and health risks based on priorities and finally defining of strategies to prevent or control these risks. This process can be effectively achieved by placing the health and safety program in human resource department. This is because, human resource department focuses on managing human resources by ensuring that their welfare has been catered for and that they have a favorable work environment to achieve what they want. Thus, it is considerably easy to integrate occupational safety and health programs as part of workers benefits, policies, or work procedures in an organization. It is also easy to schedule safety training together with other work related training while the program is under human resource department.

The enhancement of employee safety can easily be achieved by fostering safety culture in an organization. This can be easily achieved if the program is under human resources since most of the organization policies focusing on workers behaviors are developed here. Moreover, it would be easier to schedule healthy and safety training, assessment and control from the human resource department since the department has concrete information on assignment and when the unit is not under pressure. This means that the unit can easily identify the right time for safety activities in every unit. Moreover, being the control of supervision, it would be easy to assess the level at which safety and health program is embraced by workers and what should be improved on. Finally, human resource department focuses on all workers and hence, it will be able to apply the program with a general view of every part of the organization that will need the program and ensure that the program is implemented to all based on the unit’s needs. This would different to when safety is placed on one specific department whose focus is not enhancing the well being of all, but for the well being of only those in the department.

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