Wireless Communications – In-depth Analytical into Wireless Applications, Developer’s Role and Market Potential

The human race is often lauded as the most advanced species of beings on earth primarily due to the sheer sophistication exhibited in a plethora of spheres.  During the turn of the 20th century, this particular attribute manifested itself through a wide range of technological innovations aimed at improving the quality of life and welfare. According to (Chowdhury & Biswas (2017) these developments were particularly necessary to enable humans interact with their environment in a more sustainable manner while still enjoying its perks. One such innovation was the introduction of wireless communication bound to set the pace for developments that would be introduced in the near future. The modus operandi of this nascent novelty centered on the transfer of signals using an electrical conductor between two points. Through radio waves, wireless communication is now one of the most popular technological advancement. It’s present in nearly all devices that are in use; from satellite television, computer keyboards, Global Positioning System (GPS) units and wireless telephones. This research paper provides an in-depth analytical look into possible wireless applications, a developer’s role, market potential together with the approach used in developing these applications with the use of Java for mobile devices.

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Wireless technology is presently cited as the fastest growing niche in the tech world. Over the past decade, notable enhancements have seen the adoption of various protocols meant to significantly improve the existing state of affairs. It’s this paradigm shift in technological matters that have seen stakeholders in this industry unanimously agree to adopt the IEEE 802.standard, a giant leap in wireless communication. The primary reason why wireless technology is gaining traction has to do with the disposition that it indeed is a march towards the future. A possible home application would be in the use of microcontrollers unit (MCU’s) and their use in everyday life.  The smart home innovation concept serves as the best example of how wireless technology can be harnessed. Through wireless technology in a smart home, the inhabitants can be remotely monitored to assess their health, sustainable energy use, and security.

Similarly, this technology is also applicable in consumer electronic devices that allow the management of data and content an easy task. One such instance is seen in the application of Nordic ultra-low power (ULP) which utilizes wireless communication to enhance the user’s ability to manage digital content.  An electronic device such as LED TVs using wireless communication, therefore, arms the consumer with various tools, which make toggling and navigation possible. Moreover, the use of Bluetooth technology has become an integral feature of mobile devices and Personal Computers (PCs), which subsequently enable these devices to remain, connected while sharing data.

Developers play a central role in the morphing of a concept into an actual idea. All applications that resulted from wireless communication were all the brainchild of a team of developers who often worked painstakingly to ensure that their product served its purpose. Developers, therefore play a unique and special role in the success of their technological creations owing to their unique role during the design phase. It’s important to acknowledge that these are the same individuals who are tasked with creating a blueprint of the said applications before computer manufacturing companies embark on the final production phase. Another important role played by developers is that of testing these software programs before they are finally released to the consumers (Lakshman, 2008, p. 65). Any mistakes that might have been made during the design can be corrected, therefore ensuring that the consumers receive devices with fully functional software. Moreover, developers are instrumental in the customization process since certain organizations and organizations may prefer to have the software custom made to serve their organizational needs. The maintenance role also falls in the developer’s role which often means that they have to carry out routine checks to make sure that the applications are functioning optimally and serving the purpose they were created for. It’s also important to acknowledge that the developers are tasked with gaining a deeper understanding of the problems that consumers might be facing and responding appropriately to these requirements.

Mobile computing is currently one of the fastest growing sectors, a feat that has been associated with wireless applications.  Its market has also been growing exponentially, especially considering that the combination of wireless technologies and new software applications is now in vogue. Mobile devices, Personal Computers (PCs) and smartphones are often thought to be the future of mobile computing due to their market value. The diversity in platforms offered has made them accessible in a contemporary market filled with client demands centered on mobile computing. 

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By 2011, the global market for mobile computing and all other devices associated with it had reached an estimated $88.9 billion in sales (Moran, n.d.). The same can also be said for wireless services, which use a two-pronged approach in approaching the market; consumer and business segment. Java technology is known globally due to its popularity as a choice for developers when designing mobile applications (“Introduction to Mobility Java Technology,” n.d.). In developing these applications, it uses Java Micro Edition which can then be supported my smartphones that are currently in use. It’s feasible since applications can function without any impediments making it a secure environment for mobile computing.

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