Wireless Security Best Practices For End-Users

There are several best practices that the end user can use in order to ensure that the data in the portable devices that they use access wireless network such as mobile phones, iPads, tables and laptops are secure. This portable devices access network through hot spot connections. Some of the best practices include: the deployment of wireless encryptions and access control protocols such as WPA2 or WPA, change of default password to personalized password, change the name of the network to something personalized which does not reveal the name of the user as well as the location, stopping broadcasting SSID and moving access point away from window as well as doors to minimize radio leakage to outdoors.

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Deploying wireless encryption and access control protocols

            By deploying wireless encryption, other users in the network would not be able to get access to data store in the portable devices accessing the network through hotspots. This involves the process of using algorithms to change the data into unreadable code. As a result, only authorized persons would be able to read the data. Encryption is also known as cryptography or scrambling (Fazal, et al., 2005). Although encryption is somewhat a complex process, it is one of the most effective and best practices for the end-user to secure their data and devices from external users. In order for the user to access the data, decryption process is required to reverse the encryption process.

            The other best practices for the end-user is the use of access control protocol such as WPA or WPA2. This is the process of controlling the server which a user can access and the activities that individual can do on that particular server (Fazal, et al., 2005). This method requires the use of software that create a perimeter between a militarized zone and demilitarized zone. The software also control the activities that take place in the two zones. Also, it ensures that no unauthorized person is allowed to access either of the two zones. WPA or WPA2 are the most common access control protocol designed to protect the portable that access the wireless network through hotspot. Therefore, end-user should always deploy these access control protocols such as WPA or WPA in order to secure the hotspot and the data stored in the portable devices.

Change default password to personalized password

The use of personalized password is one of the best practices the end user can use to secure the wireless access hotspot. This involve the process of changing the default password and replacing it with personalized password which is difficult for the external user to use. For the user to access the wireless access hotspot, he/she must present an identification information which is the user name and the password (Fazal, et al., 2005).

Changing the network name to something personalized

            A personalized network name make it difficult for the external user to identify the user of the network. The network should also not reveal the location and the name of the owner (PCCW, 2009). The essence of this is to leave the external user guessing the location and the owner of the network.

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Stopping broadcasting SSID

            By stopping the broadcasting SSID, the external user would not be able to access the wireless access network through hotspot (Oracle, 2016). Therefore, the end-user should always remember to stop broadcasting SSID.

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Moving access point away from doors and windows           

When the access point is placed near the door and windows, the leakage of radio to the outdoor is higher. As a result, the end-user should always move the access point away from near the doors and windows.

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