Wizard of Oz User Interface Prototyping Technique

Prototyping is a crucial technique that helps software and computer engineers to develop products at reduced costs and risks involves in the development of these complex systems. Prototyping process involves the creation of small scale version of a complex system and use of mock-up in order to acquire an important knowledge needed to build the system in large scale(Preece, et al., 2015). This project focus on building a health care application for Mayo Clinic patients. The prototyping technique discussed in this paper was “Wizard of Oz”. This technique involves a person simulating and controlling the system from behind the scene. Wizard of Oz uses a mock interface to interact with the users(Szekley, 1995). This technique is very important for simulating systems that would be challenging to build. Some of the critical issues to be considered for prototyping include:

  • Representation: This describes how the design are represented or depicted such as the use of only textual description or the integration of textual description, diagrams and visuals.
  • Scope: It is important to determine whether the prototyping the interface is just for mock up or it will extent to include computation components.
  • Executability: It is important to determine whether the prototype will “run” or executable and if it is coding, there will be periods when it can’t.
  • Maturation:This involves the stages the product undergoes as it comes along. For example, will the product be revolutionary and requires the throw out old one prototype or evolutionary and requires upgrades or changing previous prototype.

There are various methods that can be used to conduct a mock-up for user interface. Some of the common methods used in mock-up are physical, storyboarding and sketches.

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