Worship at the Altar of Convergence – Article Summary

Worship at the Altar of Convergence” by Henry Jenkins

In this particular article, Henry Jenkins pens down his honest opinions on media convergence and its impact on contemporary life. According to him, the media is at the center of this specific phenomenon and principally acts as a conduit that ultimately creates a collective state of intelligence within a particular society.

The central assumption made by the author in this article is that convergence behaves more like a cultural shift than a technological one (Jenkins). The main point made by the author, therefore, focuses on the fact that technological developments made by man are always improving by the day, making it more convenient to access different media forms while interacting with their counterparts.

One of the primary points made here concerns the changes that the world has gone through as a result of the media convergence. He views these changes as extreme views and pernicious realities that if left unchecked, might modify the course of human life.

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Moreover, Jenkins acknowledges the changes brought forth by the permeation of the internet may ultimately end up having their limitations. Even though it will be much easier for individuals to now access films via the internet, this does not mean that individuals will soon cease going to the cinemas altogether.In my assessment of the set of issues broached by Jenkins, I opine that media convergence is a necessary evil that the world has to embrace. It’s simple nature is a little-known fact that can improve the quality of life and ultimately change the economic cycle of people within a particular locality. I also believe that media owners are always looking for new media forms that will allow them to connect with the consumers and why I am also of the idea that media convergence may ultimately prove to be a positive force.

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