IT 301 : Project Management Course – What I Have Learnt

I have really learnt a lot in this class, not only about the concepts of project management but also about risk management. I intend to use the knowledge that I have acquired in this class to better manage future projects and to improve the capabilities of anyone else who may want to manage projects in future. First, I have learnt that in order to better manage a project, one must ensure that he properly understands the principles behind Crosby’s, Deming’s, and Juran’s philosophies of quality management. Although Juran’s approach was the most interesting to me, I think one should look at the project as a whole and decide on the best philosophy that if applied, will give the best results. Personally, I think the success nature of the project determines the type of philosophy that should be applied, and that there is not a single philosophy that fits in every project.

Additionally, by being in this class, I had an opportunity to learn the nine essential knowledge areas for project management. These knowledge areas include risk management, scope management, integration management, cost management, time management, communications management, human resources management, quality management, and procurement management. Under all these knowledge areas, detailed approach on how to accomplish functions of project management have been explained. The knowledge acquired in this class with respect to the nine areas of project management have moulded me to be an all round student who can easily manage both present and future projects. I will also use this knowledge to guide others on how they can achieve success when managing their projects.

Another thing that I have learnt so far in this class is the process followed in project risk management as well as the main purpose of conducting project risk management. According to Stackpole (2008), project risk management is conducted to reduce the probability of occurrence of a negative event and to increase the probability of occurrence of a positive event. In addition, I have been able to learn some of the obstacles that may prevent effective management of a project’s risks. For instance, some of the team members may impede project risk management because they tend to think that they do not have risks at a time when risks actually exist. If such issues are not solved on time, the probability of occurrence of negative events might be high (Stackpole, 2008).

The other thing that I was able to learn in this class is the role played by effective leadership in project management. During the entire session, I enjoyed being in the company of good leaders who helped me to understand the importance of creating a balance between different styles of leadership. I now understand why it was important for me to become part of this class because by being there, I have learnt how to use others’ leadership experiences to my advantage. I now know the main areas that need adjustments when I go back to the field to manage my own projects. Currently, I can look at project’s costs and risks objectively and determine the types of changes that are necessary to ensure the success of every project both in the short run and in the long run. Moreover, I now understand that I should remain open-minded when handling any project in order to achieve maximum success out of it.

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