Advancing a Cultural Mindset Among a Diverse Global Group of Employees

Assignment Instructions

Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that addresses the development and implementation of a common cultural mindset among a diverse global group of employees. Include the following in your paper:

  • A discussion of how to integrate varied perspectives in dynamic environments in order to lead successfully in a culturally diverse society.
  • A discussion of the negotiation strategies the inclusive leader could apply to craft a common cultural mindset.
  • A discussion of the communication methods appropriate for culturally diverse recipients that could be applied to models of cross-cultural mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions.
  • All references must come from SCHOLARLY ARTICLES.

Advancing a Cultural Mindset Among a Diverse Global Group of Employees – Sample Paper

Integrating Varied Perspectives in a Diverse Society

Most leaders in global organizations perceive diversity based on race, gender and nationality. However, diversity can be further dissected as the measure of work that can be delivered by people from dynamic cultural backgrounds. Leaders who chose to experiment diversity, need to be committed throughout the course of ensuring it progressively works and does not backfire. First, leaders should acknowledge that a diverse workforce entails varied opinions and methodologies to work and should be flexible in embracing those differences. Secondly, they must always be ready to persevere the hurdles that different views pose to an organization. Though some cultures would expect women and people of other color to underperform, it is essential that an organizational leader promotes a culture of high standard of performance among all employees.

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Thirdly, leaders should also capitalize on personal growth of individuals by exhaustively harnessing the knowledge and skills they possess in addition to training and educating them to improve output. A harmonized structure that incorporates all cultures should inculcate openness to address conflicts on work-related issues and give room for comprehensive debate. Also, the mission of the organization should be well outlined and be easily understood by all members in order to create a focal point to which they should be geared to achieving. The organization on its part should create a flexible model that welcomes new ideas and unforeseen challenges to the usual way of doing work and lastly, leaders should engage employees in programs aimed at emphasizing the value of contributions of all its members. This is derived from a deliberate view of the value of those differences, besides, internalizing on them so as to learn and flourish because of them.

Negotiation Strategies to Craft a Common Mindset

Leaders should provide a framework that engages all members of the organization when making important decisions. This consequently inspires a feeling that all views are valued and that they own the initiative. They also need to learn the art of generously listening rather than telling employees how to work. This shows that the leader trusts the employee’s capacity to make profound decisions on work related matters. Finally, they need to adapt to wide-ranging mindset that encompasses all outlooks from all members. This creates a desire for minority groups to share and engage constructively on work issues because they feel valued. Besides, they have a confirmation that their uniqueness serves as a source of great insights rather than a point of weakness.

Communication Methods Appropriate for Culturally Diverse Recipients

Leaders need to engage the newly acquired workforce in addition to creating a good atmosphere for working. This involves use of open communication, which provides clarity of expectations that could have previously been misunderstood or were indefinite. However, there is a likelihood of vague expression to evade public and straight disparities. Even then a more elaborate communication structure that is employee-centered, together with direct engagement of employees sustains the trust that has been built to date and prevents potential fallout. Also, the organizations should keep a flawless and continual communication approach to ensure smooth transition and clarity of issues that are controversial. Finally, cross-cultural communication that entails different cultures together with face-saving that involves face-to face conversations could lead to better arrival at coherent decisions.

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