Adverse Trend: Increase Falls in Hospitals


Hospital fall as well as fall injuries is the most often reported adverse occurrence among adults in the inpatient environment. Advancing improvement and measurement around prevention of hospital falls is essential as falls are nurses’ subtle measure. This is nurses play a main role in this aspect of patient care. Falls normally happens to patients that have been admitted for another reason and thus increasing to the patient demand of extra care and measures on pain management. In this regard, it is essential for nurses to obtain data on the hospital falls and use this information to how the problem should be solved.

Step-to-step guide

Data collection

Data will be collected through observation, record review and interview.

Recorded data will include: patient age, medical condition (body strength, eye sight, weight, locomotion ability), and the actual place where the fall took place.

Data Review

Data will be recorded in the spreadsheet where various aspects will be factored out. The fall we be classified by age. Then in each category, the patient medical condition will be assessed to establish any connection. Finally, the place where fall took place will be accessed to see any physical factors that encourage the fall.

Data Application

The review will direct the researcher on the main attribute of hospital fall in the environment. A remedy will be established to lower the chances of fall in the hospital.

Part II

Describe how you may become aware of the trend in question and why you would want to investigate further.

I may become aware of the trend by reviewing the hospital records regarding the reported falls. I may also become aware of this by finding a patient that I previously attended with new injuries which are not related to his or her condition that initiated the admission. The hospital fall reports just include the name of the patient, and the injuries that were sustained. In this regard I would like to obtain more information regarding the major causes of these falls and what makes them more frequent to be able to reduce their occurrence or to solve the problem completely.

Describe the data you would need to collect, the source(s), and why you would need this data.

I would be interested in collecting data about the number of falls among all patients (across gender and age) in the inpatient environment to establish who are mostly affected. The recording will also include the actual place where the fall took place, the actual thing the patient was doing before the fall and the recorded injuries to establish if the physical appearance of the place encourages fall, or it was an accident as a result of the patient posture. This information will be obtained from the patient and the eye witnesses if they are present. Observation will also assist in getting more information on the physical appearance of the place. Other information such as patient weight, general strength, locomotion ability and balancing, and eye sight ability among other relevant medical conditions will be recorded to establish if the fall was caused by the patient condition. Identifying the major cause of the fall will aid in establishing a way to lower hospital falls in the organization. This information will be reviewed from the patient file.

Describe the data collection methods you would use and why

The data collection techniques to be used will include observation, interview and record review. Observation will be used to review the place where the fall took place and the injuries caused. Interview will be used to establish if there is any other reason for fall other than normal accident, for instance if the patient felt any dizziness. Record review will be used to establish if there is any medical condition to be associated with the fall.

Describe how the data would affect your response to the adverse trend

The obtained data will assist in establishing the actual reason as to why there is high number of falls in the organization. The data will also display the most affected population and why the population is highly affected. This will act as guidance in the development of the advance measure in curbing inpatients falls. In addition, the data will help in the development of the measure that addresses the most affected population in a special way to lower the cases of falls in the organization. Therefore, the data will highly influence my response to the adverse trend

Explain how you will use the technology in each step

Data collection technology will be used in the data collection section to obtain the most accurate and reliable data. Data analysis techno

Describe any regulatory, legal, and ethical issues related to the use of data and the technologies

The research will be done within the organization to better the organization performance in fighting inpatient falls. Therefore, the obtained data will only be applied to enhance patient management in the organization. The ethical issues to be observed include the utilization of the obtained data accurately without falsification or fabrication to develop the best and reliable measures.

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