Advertisement Analysis – “Catch him if you can” Adidas Advertisement

Advertisement Analysis

Advertisements have been used by business to market their products. Different companies use the ads in a variety of ways and manners. Most of the advertisements are done on television and to a large extent on the internet also. (Zhang 187). Most people in the United States spent a lot of time in front of the television and thus in their lifetime they would have watched up to two million advertisements. The advertisements to not only appear on television but also everywhere people are especially on the roads where companies use billboards and posters, flyers to promote products, open air shows that market various products. Therefore, as one walks, drives or runs to the desired places like schools, offices and other areas of occupation he or she encounters countless advertisements on the way some of which he or she may stop to look at. Even as people communicate they may speak about an individual product especially trending items like fashionable clothes, shoes, technological products to name a few. Since people use most of the products that are sometimes advertised on the television ranging from clothes, houses, perfumes among others they are constantly bombarded by the different companies that make the products. Therefore, advertising is a complex process that involves the combination of various elements to ensure that the product is exhibited to the customer in an appealing manner.

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Adidas advertisement

The advertisement that is going to be analyzed is the advertisement “Catch him if you can” Adidas advertisement. It consists of various elements that are used to pass the message about the product. The product, therefore, focusses on using the various components especially those that appeal greatly to sportsmen. The use of a celebrity in football who has great appeal throughout the world as one of the greatest football players is used. Though there are other elements in the picture, the use of Lionel Messi to endorse the produce creates a lot of difference and impact on how the targeted audience views the advertisement. Celebrities like Lionel Messi have great appeal to wider sections globally. Therefore, the product can gain broad appeal to athletes globally especially those attending the London event. Therefore, advertisers in companies look for various ways to ensure that customers are attracted to their products and in such instances opt to use celebrities. Adidas is a proven product that has long been used in sports and thus to gain a wider appeal it uses Messi. The general advertisement shows high energy and thus an active atmosphere where Messi introduces the product in his running. As such, the formidableness of Messi in the football arena is matched with that of the advertisement in its ability to be used in various sports and by different people engaged in the respective sports. Messi shows a determined face that aims at winning especially when using the product and thus creates an appeal to the product more so in association to his celebrity appeal.

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The coloring used in the advertisement has mostly dark colors and shows shadows of at the top covering Messi while bright colors that display the path he is taking. The colors represent motion ahead and the increasing speed associated with the product. The various objects in the picture are arranged asymmetrically. For example, the yellow color into eh picture shown in different rays is disproportional with the blue color on the left of the image. More weight to the balance is on the right side of the picture than on the left. Therefore, the balance moves away from the center of the picture.

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Target audience

Any company making an advertisement should consider the target audience and provide a focused message regarding the pictures and words used. Many advertisements designed by corporations mostly ensure that the various elements in the ad are geared towards attracting the attention of the intended people. The intended audience of the Adidas advertisement is for the athletes especially those who were attending the London events. Such athletes usually use new shoes for such fixtures and, therefore, the company makes products and tries to appeal to the athletes to use their brand. The particular audience targeted by the ad is athletes. Though Messi is a footballer in the advertisement, we do not see him with the ball. As such, it appeals to athletes with the catchphrase that shows Adidas enabling the runner to avoid other people in the race. In the picture race is in the racing mode and the advert specifically targets athletes engaging the London Athletics. However, the shoe may appeal to other audiences like sportsmen in the National Football League, baseball, cricket, among other sports that involve running. Therefore, the advertisement mostly looks at the top athletes in the various sports especially running the event in London is associated with top athletes from various countries. Athletes mostly love the appeal of greater brands that help them to win in the various athletics events.

Elements in the advertisement

The elements used in an advertisement should be arranged in such a manner to ensure that the intended meaning is not overshadowed by other elements in the picture. The product should be shown clearly to the intended people in the advertisement (Maison 406). The connection among the various components in the pictures helps to show us in more detail what the picture means and thus it adds to the short sentence used in the advertisement. The colors help to represent the speed, especially where they form a V-shape showing increasing progress forward. As such, the shape of the colors shows increasing speed of the person in the advertisement. The picture has one person and thus it is an exclusive product that targets a particular segment of the market. The advertisement uses some warm colors especially the yellow color, which elicits excitement as one views the advertisement. The ad uses a few warm colors while the remainder includes the cold colors. The dark and lighter blue color show dependency and integrity of the product since they are cold colors. Therefore, all the colors in the picture merge to giving an exciting and excellent experience that a person can get when using the product.

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White space

White space occupies a small area in the advertisement. The tactful utilization of white space is vital in advertisements as it helps to moderate the elements in it. The white space creates some harmony between the elements in the picture and as shown in the photo the white space is mostly at the center towards the top. The advertisement, therefore, has little white space with darker colors on the sides of the picture. The white space in the picture consist of a black color and starts from the center of the picture in a “v” shape upwards. Though the white space is usually white, the color that has nothing in is mostly taken as the white space. The white space required should be more than 20% and not less to ensure it captures the attention of the customer. The white space in the picture though little is not less than 20% of the picture. Adverts with a white space are conspicuous since unifying the various elements in the advert and create a contrast to the advertisement. As such though there is, less white space. The use of the celebrity attracts more attention as there are many fans of Messi throughout the world. As such, the products gain a wider appeal because of the use of Messi, who is loved by many fans throughout the world. As such, the celebrity will offset the little white space employed in the picture. Therefore, it is important for designers to ensure that the elements of the white space are positioned tactfully to create a more concise picture.

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The advertisement is made in such a manner that they are appealing to the customers. Targeting position and segmentation of market are of great significant in the formation of advertisements. Business usually has a particular segment they want to reach in different markets. The individuals may be highly performing people especially those associated with the various sports with themes related to the different sports. Therefore, in making an advertisement the business has to focus on the subject and ensure that it uses elements that are conspicuous to the target audience. Most multinational that manufacture shoes, food products, and apparel concentrate on various colors and elements that they are to include in their advertisements. Therefore, in making the advertisement like the Adidas one it has to stick to the theme that is associated with athletics, which is learning. The information on it should be precise and concise to ensure that it delivers the intended message to the audience. The use of advertisement is necessary and the messages and everything that is used to make it is clearly and tactfully included in the picture to ensure that the product is marketed to the customer in an efficient manner.

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Therefore, how companies use and make advertisements determines the impacts, they will have on customers. The interplay of various elements of the advertisement provides a clear picture of the product and the company as a result. Therefore, the certain advertisement will draw customers to the products or away from it since many companies with similar products are providing advertisements that may have greater appeal than Adidas in this case. Therefore, people involved with the promotion section of a company need to be careful about how they present their advertisement. They should carry out research on the market and ensure that they discover opportunities together with the tastes and preferences associated with the product to ensure that they gain a larger market share. Advertising therefore substantially shows the image of the company regarding the products it advertises. Therefore, companies should make sure that what appears in the advertisement is representative of the core values of the business.

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