Hamburger Advertisement analysis

Hamburger is a common snack you can find in any fast food shops. However, though many have heard about, only few know how it looks like or what it is made of. Therefore, for any fast food shop to familiarize its customer with it, they must come up with the best advertisement ever that will alert the costumers what it is and if it is yummy. The number of customer convinced by an advert depends on how persuasive it is to the viewer.

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The above advertisement of hamburger is so enticing just from it colors as they make it so yummy. The advertisement of the hamburger is very precise as it indicates to everyone that a hamburger is a sandwich that consists of one or additional cooked pastries of ground animal protein, generally beef, positioned inside a wedged bun. As a result, the costumer does not require asking what a hamburger is prepared from. The color of the tomatoes slice, onions and greens makes it so amazing and attractive to everyone since the colors are attractive also.

The lady beside the hamburger who seems to be enjoying it so much makes this advertisement sex appealing. The way the lady is dressed makes also makes it more sex appealing. Additionally, the lady beside the hamburger is a clear indication that the advertisement is targeting ladies and most likely the young ladies.

The placement, color, and the size of the text of this advert makes every viewer to read them since they are placed on top of the hamburger so everyone thinks that they are explaining about the hamburger. Their white color on a black background makes them very visible to everyone to see. Moreover, the arrangement of the pictures makes the advert marvelous as the viewer will be in a position of recognizing what a hamburger is from its picture and realize at the same time how appealing it is from the picture of the lady who seems to be enjoying it very well.

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This advert attracts me by the colors that have been used to draw the pictures and to write the text.  The way the lady on the advert seems to be enjoying the hamburger too much makes me imagine how I could also feel if I have it. The arrangement of the pastries between the slices of the hamburger with different colors looks very amazing, therefore attracting my attention.  The way the images of the hamburger and the lady enjoying eating it have been composed makes this advert to make an aesthetically gratifying end result.  However, this is an indication that the advert made use of The Rule of Thirds.

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However, sometimes individual opts to use the image of celebrities in their advert. This is because most celebrities have a lot of fans who by just seeing their picture they would like to know what is written about them and since they have a lot of influence on them they even like imitating them by having what they are having on that advert.

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