Air Pollution In Odenton, Maryland – Environmental Pollution Recommendation

Long- lasting exposure to air pollution has led to premature deaths in Odenton, Maryland state than any other state in the United States (MassDep, n. d).   Air pollution harms us when it mounts up in the air in high concentrations. Conversely, most Americans live in areas where toxic contaminants, particle pollution, and city smog pose severe health issues.

Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

Individuals exposed to increased levels of air pollution may undergo through the following health concerns;

  •  High rates of heart attack
  • Long-lasting exposure to air pollution causes cancer, damage to respiratory, reproductive, and immune systems.
  • Air pollution also leads to the existence of heart and lung problems such as asthma, coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties and chest tightness.
  • There is also irritation of the throat, eyes, and nose due to air pollution,

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Environmental Effects

Air pollution cause diverse environmental effects, that includes:

  • Effects on wildlife

Toxic contaminants deposited on the soils, water surfaces, or in the air affect wildlife in negative ways. Animals also experience health problems when exposed to adequate concentrations of air pollutants for over time (MassDep, n. d).  Further, air pollution causes reproductive failures, diseases and birth defects in animals.

  • Forest and Crop Damage

Usually, air pollution destroys trees and crops in diverse ways. For instance, the ground level ozone layer leads to the decrease of commercial forest yields, increase the vulnerability of plants to diseases, pests, and other environmental pressures.

  • Global climate change

The atmosphere of the earth comprises of a fragile balance of physically occurring gasses, which ensnare some heat from the sun close to the Earth surface leading to the greenhouse effect that upholds the temperature of the earth stable. However, air pollution has disturbed this natural balance due to the production of massive amounts toxic gasses.

Causes of Air Pollution in Odenton, Maryland

The significant causes of air pollution in Odenton is emissions from power plants, cars, trains, commercial heating systems, and oats, which have contributed to increased rates of premature deaths. The following are two other causes of air pollution:

  • Ozone

The Ground-level ozone forms nitrogen oxides, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide released from power plants and vehicles combine and heat in sunlight (Lazarick, 2013). As a result, high concentrations of ozone lead to difficulties in breathing.

  • Particles

Several suspended particles in the air cause air pollution. Apparently, suspended large carbon particles, sulfur, and blowing dust while inhaled makes breathing difficult and contribute to increased air pollution in Odenton.

Ways of Preventing Air Pollution in Odenton

Although diverse laws have been implemented to regulate air pollution in Odenton, there are still lots of things that individuals can do to reduce and prevent air pollution from getting out of hand. Below are two key suggestions I can recommend to the locals of  Odenton, so as they can participate to reduce and prevent air pollution:

  • Reduce Waste

The most efficient way to reduce and prevent air pollution in Odenton is through lowering some waste products used, which will also help in saving money (Lazarick, 2013). Apparently, enormous quantities of waste materials can be used in manufacturing and purchasing everyday products. Further, residents need to use recycled products such as recycled paper bags, and also maintain the recycling regulations, which pertain to metals, paper, and plastics.

  • Save Energy:

When residents of Odenton makes active efforts to save energy, there will be reduction and prevention of air pollution, for instance, air pollution occurs when fossil fuel is burned. Consequently, using less natural gas, gasoline, and electricity will significantly contribute to the prevention of air pollution (Lazarick, 2013). Additionally, residents need to practice switching off lights, and use of energy saving appliances.

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