As A Manager How Would You Enforce The Expectations Of An Organisation?

Enforcing the expectations of the organisation will mean coming up with rules and solutions to problems and conflicts that may occur if a person does follow the expectations needed of him by the company. Punishment will result in such conflicts where the employee doesn’t meet the expectations. Such expectations as being punctual, cooperating with others at their respective workstations and meeting their quotas for the day will be graded on each employee to determine whether they are helping the company meet the goals or not. Every employee will thus be given information on what is expected of them at the workplace. As such employees will be given information on how they are to conduct themselves in the workplace, their dress code, conducting themselves in the workforce and cooperation with other employees. Employees will thus be reviewed on the terms states to ensure that they are in tandem with the objectives of the company and if an employee is not working as expected he or she will be queried and appropriate action to taken to ensure that they are back on track. Employees who refuse to meet the expectations will be expected to either change or be sacked. Therefore the enforcement will dwell on ensuring that the employees are working effectively with others and assessments continuously done mostly on a weekly basis to ensure that they are performing as required.

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