How To Establish A Link Between Organisational Objectives, Values And Standards

Establishing a link between the organisational objectives to the standards and values is vital to ensure that the company and its workforce adheres to the purpose set by the company and further in focussing on the vision and mission. A link is usually established through setting values and standards that help meet the company’s objective together with aligning the objectives to the mission and vision of the company. The link is that the values set precedence in the employees to work towards meeting the objectives of the company and thus the purpose of the company. The values and standards usually govern how the employees operate to ensure that they are working in tandem with the set objectives of the company (Johnston & Bate, 2013). As such the values and standard direct any business operations in the company towards the objectives set. There are various people who have responsibilities that are associated with the values and standards team leaders, supervisors and managers among others who ensure that their subordinates work towards achieving the set goals of the company in their capacities. I would thus aim to state clearly the vision and mission of the organisation to the workforce and ensure that they follow through the various values that will help guide their business operations towards meeting the goals set by the organisation.

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