Alvin Plantinga, A defense of Religious Exclusivism – Summary

Assignment Instructions

Google: Alvin Plantinga, a defense of religious exclusivism and write a two paragraph summary agree with his stand on religious exclusivism.

  • to mark key claims and identify any supporting reasons, if any, to his claim cannot use bible as reference
  • summarize the persons position on religious diversity in one are two sentences

Keys things to keep in mind when doing so , View religion from a variety of perspectives such as sociological, philosophical or psychological

A Diverse of Religion Exclusivism – Sample Answer

Exclusivism can be defined as a specific religion that guarantees someone the only chance to get in a proper association with God through salvation and does not recognize other ways of associating with God. Plantinga addresses numerous probable attacks on exclusivism and endeavors to refute the attacks.  This paper seeks to write a summary on religious exclusivism that is supported by key claims and supporting reasons.

This study supports Plantinga arguments that there are people who argue that there exists moral uncertainty in exclusivism. The opponent of this philosophy holds that there is religious and cultural haughtiness and egotism in believing that we profess the right faith while other people profess a wrong faith(McGrath, 2016). Nevertheless, Plantinga argues that the proponents of pluralism who oppose exclusivism by claiming that their pluralism belief requires them to reject exclusive belief are only arrogant.

Pluralism is a defense of religious exclusivism and arguments that there is logical arbitrariness in exclusivism. This is basically a question of how to deal with questions that cannot be incontrovertibly and irrefutably resolved. Those who attack exclusivism would have believed that there is no way a person can accept any possible resolution unless it is something that can be able to be proven.Plantinga is of the idea that a possible conclusion in exclusivism is possible even if the issue is morally unclear. For instance, it is right to reach a conclusion that infidelity is wrong in an open marriage.

In summary, Plantinga is aware of different religion and have studied diverse religions across the world. According to McGrath (2016),Plantinga admits that there is real piousness and holiness in these religions. However, it is evident that he is not ready to give up his religious trust and what he professes.

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