Singapore – Annotated Bibliography

Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, & Republic of Singapore. (2014). Singapore. (2014). Report on the household expenditure survey 2012/2013. Retrieved from <


This is a governmental document providing survey results on household expenditure in Singapore for year 2012/2013. This report provides an over of how the country’s population spends on various aspects that include food, health, transport, communication, recreation and culture, education services, clothing and footwear, and housing and related expenditure among others. The report also gives analysis on the household income for different individuals including those that are employed and who are in business. The report will contribute on providing actual statistical information on the Singapore people expenditure which can be used to determine whether one can afford living in Singapore or not. (2015). Our home, our environment, our future. Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015. Retrieved from <>

This is a governmental report on measures that are taken to ensure environmental conservation and sustainability. The report gives details on measures that each individual is playing to enhance sustainability. It also gives update on rules that have been imposed to enhance environment conservation in the country. This includes information on how people should use resources such as water, energy and also how they should dispose their waste product to enhance conservation. This report will be vital in my project since it will provide information on living standards that the new dwellers should maintain to meet the conservation and sustainability standards of a country.

Read also A Cultural Map to Ecuador (2013). Country and education guide: Singapore. HSBC Premier. Retrieved from <>

This is a guide developed by HSBC group to aid new immigrant in Singapore to understand the country. The guide gives more information on the country’s population, spoken languages, currency, time zone, climate, telecommunication, cost of living, transportation, health and medical, and education. However, the guide emphasizes more on education system adopted in the country, and the services offered in different schools. This information includes cost of education in different schools and the procedure for applying to be enrolled in Singapore schools. This paper will contribute to my project by providing extensive details on Singapore education system to new settlers.

St Joseph’s Institution International. (2015). Living in Singapore. Information for Staff. Retrieved from <


This is a research paper that gives a general information regarding living in Singapore. The paper gives brief history of the country, brief information culture and other information on the country safety, languages spoken in the country, the climate and the weather conditions, renting property and their distance to various landmarks as well as their rental cost. It also gives more information on transportation and the phone applications available to help one go around the town.  The paper also gives general information on education and more information on social amenities available in the country and where they are located. It also gives more information on financial matters and health care information. The paper gives general information that would help visitors or new dwellers familiarize themselves with the country. This paper will contribute to by projecting by giving specific information that may need to be known for one to easily live in Singapore.

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Tambyah, S. K., Tan, S. J., & Kau, A. K. (2009). The quality of life in Singapore. Soc Indic Res, 92, 337-376.

This is a research journal article that investigates the Singaporeans quality of life. The journal conducts a survey research were 1038 respondents were involved. It provides a general overview of life in Singapore including the history of the country, demographic composition of Singapore and human development, government, economic development and stability, global connection, as well as civil liberties and political lights. It also investigates on other life aspects that include people lifestyles, life priorities, and the general quality of life in the country. This journal provides crucial information about life in Singapore that can be used to add background information in my project about Singapore and living in Singapore.

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