American Express Vs Groupon Marketing Communication Strategies

There are many marketing communication strategies and new strategies keep evolving, (Villarejo-Ramos & Sanchez-Franco, 2005). The intense competition for more sales has led to marketing strategies re-aligned to developing and creating more deals. This has been necessitated by the fact that modern customers place great importance on value for their money. This has led to more emphasis by companies on new marketing strategy termed dealer-chic. This paper looks American express and Groupon as well as how these two companies compare and contrast in their marketing communication strategies.

American Express

Also known as, Amex, American Express Company is a multinational financial company based in Manhattan, Newyork.  The company is widely known for its credit cards, where Amex credit cards account for 24% for all credit cards usage in US, (Young, 2001). The company employs a number of communication strategies in its marketing.

The company uses a number of marketing communication strategies that include advertising, promotions, internet marketing and public relations to position and sell its products in the marketing. The company uses internet advertising to market and position its products in the market. One aspect of the company that has helped to position the company in the market is its strong brand name. The company has a strong well developed brand and this is revealed by the wide use of the company’s products. The strong brand name has led to building of a strong trust from its customers.

The company has presence is the social media, especial facebook where its customers can interact the company and it offers a platform where the company can introduce new products to its customers. In addition, the company has tailored its dealer-chic strategies where the company provides a variety of deals to its current and potential customers.


            Is a website company that offer deals that features gift certificates that are discounted and are usable at both local and international companies. The company communication strategies are employ use of social media to reach its target market, which constitutes internet users and is targeted to the market segment that consists of both local and international customers.

The company offers ThePoint where the company offers Groupon deals to its customers an assured way of dealing with its companies in the market segment it serves as a way of motivating its customers to buy, where if one customer buys a Groupon, the offer opens up for all the other customers.

Comparison of the Advertising Strategies of the two Companies

            The main common advertising strategy between the two companies is that both companies employ the use of internet to reach their customers and the market segment they serve. Similarly, the two companies have shown extensive use of deals in its marketing strategies.

However, the two companies serve two different and distinct market segments although its customers may overlap at some stage. American Express is all-inclusive serving all types of customers while Groupon targets mainly internet users and those customers who love to test new products.

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