Ancient Greek Writers, Philosophers and Scientists


Ancient Greek had a lot of writers, with Herodotus and Homer being among the most famous writers. Herodotus lived from 484 to 425 BC. He is regarded as the father of history since he was the first person to give history a scientific approach. Actually the term history originated from his book entitled Histories which is a Greek name for stories. Homer lived in the 8th century BC and he is known mainly for Odyssey and Iliad, which are the most popular epic poems. His work is the oldest western literature work. People in ancient Greece regarded themselves as uneducated without having read the Odyssey and Iliad (Mamakouka, 2014).


There were various philosophers in ancient Greece. Among them included the Aristotle and Pythagoras. Pythagoras was a popular mathematician and philosopher who lived from 570 to 495 BC. He used a good part of his life as a teacher having established his own school. His students were strictly based on rules and secrecy. He is attributed to the invention of Pythagoras theorem which dictates the size of hypotenuse of the triangle, which carries his legacy even today. Aristotle was a popular philosopher and a teacher to the Alexander the Great who lived from 384 to 322 BC. He was also Plato student. He was highly popular for his writings on zoology, physics, biology, metaphysics, ethics, poetry, ethics, theater, government, music, politics, logic, linguistics, and rhetoric. This system ended up being the supporting pillar for Christian and Islamic scholastic thought. He recorded great attainments in formulating complete Aristotelian syllogistic system. He also made a great contribution in the development of today’s zoology (The Famous People, n.d.).


Ancient Greek contributed a great deal to the invention and development of science. Among the most famous scientists include Archimedes and Euclid. Archimedes was an astronomer, mathematician, an inventor and an engineer, who lived from 287 to212 BC. He invented Archimedes’ screw, which was a moving water mechanism that is still used to date. He is attributed to invention of Eureka phrase and computation of the value of Pi. Euclid was a mathematician and founder of geometry who lived around 300 BC. Some of his popular work includes “The Elements” and mathematical proofs system which is still being used currently as basis of mathematics (The Famous People, n.d.).

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