Do You Agree With The U-shaped Curve of Marital Satisfaction

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Sociologists sometimes talk about the U-shaped curve of marital satisfaction. Supposedly, married couples are the happiest before they have children and after their children have grown up and left home. Do you agree with this finding—it is not a theory but is based on numerous surveys—and can you explain why you think that this curve is accurate or not accurate?

U-shaped Curve of Marital Satisfaction – Sample Answer

Early research demonstrates the transition to parentage as a crisis resulting to marital satisfaction and quality decline. Sociologists have actually come up with a U shaped curve that demonstrates the change of marriage satisfaction after the children arrival and after they have grown and left. This may be true to some families and untrue to others. Children as a matter of fact come with extra responsibilities which may shake parents’ relationship, especially when the pregnancy is unplanned. The child’s gender which determines the father’s participation in raising the child may also determine the couple’s relationship. When one of the parents feel overwhelmed than the other, there tend to be a problem (Strong& Cohen, 2013). According to the research, the quality of parents’ relationship may also be influenced by the child’s behavior, where parents whose children are badly behaved tend to conflict or to feel drained.

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It can also be influence by parents’ situation such as finances, and children health (Strong& Cohen, 2013). These factors determine the kind of struggle these parents are likely to experience,and the damage they may cause in their relationship. Thus quite number of partners experiences more conflict, declining love feelings, and less communication in their relationship when children arrive. However, the magnitude to which their relationship is affected may vary from one couple to another. Thus, the U shape finding can be said to be true to some families but untrue to others. The research has found some couples whose relationship is never changed by children arrival. There are also other couples whose relationship becomes better with children arrival (Strong& Cohen, 2013). This implies that it is not right to generalize the situation. Each family has a different experience which varies based on a number of factors.

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