Will the Earth run out of Clean Water?

Water accounts for 75 percent of the earth surface, with the Earth water volume remaining almost the same for years. This is because the Earth water exists in a cycle which involves water circulation between the atmosphere, land and oceans in a precipitation and evaporation cycle. The hydrological cycle is essential to the operational of recycling water on Earth and it contains the duty of regulating and modifying the Earth climate. This simply means that the planet has enough water to support its needs. However, it is important to note that about 98% of the water in the Earth is found in the Oceans with freshwater accounting for only 3% of earth water. About two-third of this freshwater is trapped in the glaciers and polar ice caps. The freshwater rivers and lake accounts for about 0.009 percent of the Earth water, with ground water accounting for 0.28 percent. This demonstrates the scarcity of clean water in the planet. The water cycle makes it possible for the world to keep on surviving with the small amount of available freshwater (National Geographic Society, n.d.).

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The available percentage of freshwater has been able to support the world population since, with enhanced water cycle sustainability. However, the world population is increasing at a high rate, implying that the available freshwater may be required to sustain more life. This creates a danger of straining this essential resource that is very basic to human life. Increase in the demand of freshwater may reduce the amount of water that infiltrate in the ground or that runoff to the rivers and lakes in the future. This may continue to reduce the water table and the ocean content and hence the amount held in the water cycle. Although complete run out is almost impossible, there may be reduction of the available freshwater per person, based on the future world population (Smedley, 2017).

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