Important Contributions by Galileo in the History of Physics – A Personal View

Galileo Galilei was regarded as the father of modern science, especially due to his great involvement in the fields of philosophy, physics, mathematics, astronomy, and cosmology. In his major physics contribution, Galileo invited an enhanced telescope which allowed him to see and describe the solar system and most of its elements. Galileo created his telescope in 1610, which was a modification of the Dutch telescope that was magnifying object three times. This telescope acted as a prototype of the contemporary day refractor telescope. It involved simple lenses arrangement which initially started with glass fixed by optician in one end of a hollow cylinder. This telescope used objective convex objective lens and the concave eye lens, allowing object magnification by 20 times. He made it using trial and error method and eventually came up with a device that was used as a prototype for the development of the modern Telescope. The telescope is regarded as Galileo’s greatest contribution to physics since it provided the blue print to the modern telescope which has been widely used in investigating small aspects of the universe. Moreover, the modern telescope has received a very minute modification from Galileo original telescope by replacing the convex mirror with another concave mirror. The telescope does not have any direct impact to individual’s daily life. However, it has highly enhanced people understanding of the universe. With the new discovered telescope, Galileo was able to observe various characteristics of the moon, planets and stars, increasing human discovery of the universe and its beauty.

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