Application to the 2016 Competition of the ALT Scholarship Program

Dear ALT Scholarship Program Coordinator

I would like to participate in 2016 African Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship Program competition. I am a holder of bachelor degree in Business Administration & Relationship Management Professional.  I have over 5 years of experience offering professional expertise and diverse range of skills in Banking Industry as Relationship Manager. I am also detail-oriented, analytical and methodical person with insightful creative thinking to assess and resolve issues with practical solutions. I am highly organized and a resourceful self-starter, with multitasking and prioritization skills that can harness limited resources to achieve good results. Beside this, I also have strong leadership, people management, and interpersonal communication skills. I am currently taking a master degree in Business Administration in the University of Nicosia. I have also taken a number of short courses related with business management and banking to improve my ability to handle my duties effectively. Some of these courses include marketing and negotiating skills, selling skills, legal aspect of banking, guaranty trust bank credit school, import finance, relationship management course, guaranty trust bank credit school and conflict resolution at workplace. With all this training and experience I believe that I have all it takes to take part into this competition.

The scholarship is important to me since I intend to promote good leadership in different work environment in Africa. I have always had a passion creating an organization with great ability to compete internationally as a result of good management and leadership. This urge pushed me into pursuing a degree in business management. However, after doing this course I still feel that I need to learn more and to be more exposed to attain my goals in life. I believe that this scholarship will provide me with a good opportunity to meet more experienced corporate leaders to learn a few things from them that will help me expand my knowledge and skills in leadership. I also intend to take advantage of leaders’ workshops and leadership professional networks enhanced during scholarship to lay a foundation for my leadership using the best evidence based skills from experienced and well trained leaders from all over the world.

Winning this scholarship would mean a lot not just to me but to all young people in Africa that intent to corporate leaders in the future. I do intend to share the acquired knowledge with other African leaders who may not get an opportunity to get the scholarship. I will share this knowledge by offering regular leadership workshops and training in my home country and Africa in general. I will also establish an online forum where leaders can share ideas on how resolve different problems that they experience in their daily life. I therefore believe that winning this scholarship would mean a lot to me and to all other existing and future leaders in Africa.

I am looking forward to receive my enrollment letter soon.

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