Artificial Intelligence – PowerPoint Presentation

  • Artificial intelligence refers to the engineering and science developing intelligent machines, particularly computer programs
  • Artificial intelligence is a technique of making computer-controlled robot, software or a computer to think intelligently in the same was as intelligent human beings think (Russell & Norvig, 1995).
  • AI began with the intention of developing machine intelligence that can be matched with that of humans,
  • Its main goal is to develop expert systems and to instrument human intelligence
  • The expert  systems refers to system that demonstrates intelligent behavior advice, learn, explain, and demonstrate its users
  • Artificial intelligence  involves instrumenting human intelligence in machines  by developing systems which behaves,  understand, learn and think like humans (Russell & Norvig, 1995).
  • AI is a technology and science found on disciplines that include engineering, computer science, mathematics biology, linguistics, and psychology.
  • A major  AI  thrust is in the  computer functions development related with  human intelligence
  • These functions include problem solving, learning, and reasoning (Russell & Norvig, 1995).
  • Artificial intelligence has been popular in a number of fields
  • They include gaming where AI is used to develop  vital strategic games role that include tic-tac-toe, poker and chess where lager number need to be computed
  • Expert systems where special information, software,  and machine are integrated to impart advising and reasoning
  • Vision systems which comprehend, interpret, and understand  computer visual input
  • Other application include natural language processing, intelligence robots, handwriting recognition, and speech recognition (, n.d.).

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