Assessing the Writing Situation

In writing, assessing the writing situation, finding the subject, defining the purpose, or considering the audience is significant. Beginning to write a research paper or an essay has, usually, never been a simple task. This is because it entails in-depth research and brainstorming that recognizes proper organization and generation of ideas. In this case brainstorming and generation of ideas comprise an essential part of the writing situation and it is something that a writer should be able to do.

Finding the subject to write about is, also, an essential aspect of the writing situation. Finding the subject can involve the assistance of the professor or the researcher or writer doing it on his or her own. Finding the subject entails careful consideration of the value and significance it would bring in writing. This is part is essential because it determines the amount of details that the writer requires providing. Defining the purpose of writing is essential: the researcher or writer should present a clear definition of the purpose of the paper. For instance, the purpose of writing would be to persuade, to entertain, to invite a certain action, to inform, or a combination of these reasons (Hacker & Sommers, 2011). Considering the intended audience is equally essential. This would enable the writer know the level of information that readers have about the subject that he or she intends to write about. This is, also, significant as it enables the writer determine the level of interest that readers may have in his or her subject. Understanding the writing situation is significant because it helps to define the relationship of the writer with the audience. This relationship could be defined through satisfying the needs of readers such as information, persuasion, entertainment, or a combination of a number of them.

It is always essential to consider all these elements before writing an essay, a research paper, or any other document of interest. This is because such consideration would enable the writer find the right subject to write about, the correct information to write about the subject so that the final piece of work becomes interesting to readers. Without careful consideration of these elements, readers may not have interest in the final product by writer. This reading changes the manner in which students should approach assignments in the sense that it encourages them to become careful with their writing especially in regard to evaluating the writing situation, finding the subject, defining the purpose so that they can establish a strong connection with the audience. It is essential for any CSU student to know that the writing situation entails finding the correct subject, developing the correct definition of the purpose of writing, and consideration of the intended audience. This is significant because it ensures that students remain within the relevance of the purpose in order to provide the information that readers need.

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