Best Practices In Recruitment of Females and Veterans of the U.S. Military – News Release

MGT 516 Federal Contract Compliance Issues SLP Scenario

You are a newly hired HR staffing specialist for MEGATRANSPORT, a private-sector employer in the business of making large, transport equipment mainly for the U.S. government. Your supervisor has asked you to write a 2 to 3 page news release on best practices in the recruitment of females. He also would like you to discuss the recruitment of military veterans. Tailor your discussion as much as possible to recruiting these targeted applicants to the large transport equipment industry.

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Draw on your own research to identify (by name) real-life, private-sector employers who have used some of the recruitment techniques that you propose. Discuss their real-life experiences as examples in your news release.

Best Practices In Recruitment of Females and Veterans of the U.S. Military

Best Practice for Women

Women are among the minority groups that the US employers must consider when giving equal employment opportunity. Women are normally discriminated in different work environments, especially in recruitment and firing due to various reasons that include need for maternity leave, a number of family leaves, and various personal distractions at work due to their role in the family. Most employers believe that women have a lower level of productivity than men. This makes most of these employers to offer male with the same academic qualification and work responsibilities as women in similar job position a higher salary than women. Women are also said to be less flexible in job assignments since most would not prefer out of town assignments or night shifts due to their family responsibilities (Brady et al., 2015). Thus some employers consider eliminating women at the hiring stage to ensure they have a more flexible workforce.These incidences among others made women identified as a minority group that needed governmental protection to get equal employment opportunity.  The government thus prohibits American business organization against discrimination workers and prospect workers based on gender or sex. To satisfy this legal requirement the Mega Transport organization has tried to employ best practice in the recruitment of females. Mega Transport is a private company that acts as a Federal contractor in supply of transport equipment to the U.S government. Thus, the company must observe employment nondiscrimination law, which includes offering equal employment opportunities for women (Brady et al., 2015).

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Mega Transportation uses the best practices in the female’s recruitment as a way of ensuring equal employment opportunities. This includes ensuring that qualified women are given equal chances to be employed as men in different work positions in the company. To ensure women have equal opportunity, the company provides 30% annual opening slots to qualified women applicants in the company. The company has harmonized salaries to ensure that women with the same job qualification and in a specific working area are compensated equally to men in the same position and with the same qualification. Thus job adverts clearly encourages women applicants with a promise of equal treatment in terms of compensation, promotion and other benefits. The company also highly acknowledges and appreciates women great family role by offering various tools to blend personal and work environments that include gyms, on-site shopping, day care and medical facilities among others. These tools play a great role in enhancing women efficiency at work by ensuring proper life balance which put their mind at ease and increase their concentration at work. Mega Transportation also offers paid maternity leave of not less than six months to new mothers in the company. This provides them with a great opportunity to nurture their kids to an age that they can be accommodated by the organization baby care (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2012).

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Mega Transportation plays an important role of rewarding women in the company for employing extra effort to advance in their academic qualification. Women are promoted based on both academic advancement and high job performance, same as men in the organization. The promotion includes advanced working position and salary increment. Women are also provided with equal compensation to men with the same qualifications or doing similar job, and equal chances of professional growth using different programs provided by the company which include training and academic scholarship or paid study leaves. The company does not discriminate women in any way in terms of work opportunities, training, compensation and working environment. The company acknowledges the extra role of women in taking care of their families and hence they are offered extra family leave days if need arises after they have exhausted their defined leave period. The company has also established professional women empowerment network where women in the transportation manufacturing industry can encourage each other professionally, to ensure more women take the available opportunities to advance their education, improve their work performance, and enhance professional growth. For effective recruitment of women, the company clearly states all benefits and resources it offers to qualified women applicants in job advertisement.

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Best Practice for Military Veterans

Military veteran is another minority group that is likely to experience employment discrimination in the United States. After leaving the military, veterans find it hard to blend in the normal society due to lack of enough experience in their area of interest or due their physical or mental disabilities acquired during their service time (Tully, 2010). However, for a company to be permitted to work as a private federal contractor, the company must be able offer equal employment opportunity to veteran and people with disabilities. To fulfill this, the company has established a special program where it employs and ensures advance employment of qualified veterans from Vietnam era, recently separated veterans, special disabled veterans, and veterans that took part in active duty in an expedition, campaign or war where authorization of campaign badge has been done (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d).

Mega Transportation ensures that twenty percent of annual new work positions are filled by veterans through this program. This is ensured by posting job opportunities through veteran communities. Their resumes screening also focus more on their leadership skills technical and training ability, other than the academic and specific professional qualifications only. The program also provides orientation training which assist in familiarizing veterans into the new organization culture that is different from that of the military. It also ensures that the recruited veterans are reoriented into their area of qualification after being out of the field for a while, especially if their duty in the military did not supplement their professional or academic qualification, under which the company has used for their recruitment (Tully, 2010). This program also ensures provision of medical facility to the veterans that include psychological center which focus on enhancing their physical and mental health. The mental health services play a great role in ensuring that workers employed through veteran program accept “the new normal” which might include subordinating even if they were at higher military position where they were only used to giving orders. The organization also provides suitable accommodation for veteran with disabilities to ensure that their health needs are addressed. This includes provision of ergonomic work tools for them, provision of extra paid health leave days. They are also assigned work duties that they can manage with their disabilities without much straining (Friske, 2010). The company also ensures equal compensation, and professional growth opportunities to all workers, including those recruited through veterans’ recruitment program.

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