Best Ways to Protect Yourself From Exposure to Carcinogens

A carcinogen refers to exposures and substances that can cause cancer by changing cellular metabolism or by destroying the cells’ DNA, interfering with normal biological processes. One of the best ways to protect oneself from exposure to carcinogens is by being able to identify all carcinogens and trying to avoid them, especially those that are readily available in our daily life. By knowing food substances classified as carcinogen and other consumable substances in the list helps, as well as carcinogenic environment helps an individual to avoid them as much as possible and hence reducing their exposure rate to carcinogen. Lack of knowledge on carcinogens can increase the risk of exposure which happens unknowingly, especially with most of food substances that people use on daily basis. It is therefore important to know food items that are regarded as cancerous to be able to avoid them (Shaw, 2018).

The other way to avoid exposure to carcinogens is by following provided safety instruction when disposing, storing or using harmful chemicals and materials. This involves careful reading and following provided safety measure to avoid exposing self and others to danger. Safety measures can as well involve making safe decision while doing different tasks in life. One should consider being safe in their daily activities for instance farmers should consider using mechanical ways of weed control other than using fungicides and people should focus on purchasing organic than inorganic food substances among other safety measures (Eldridge, 2018).

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