Bill of Rights, Fourth Amendment Is the Most Significant – A Personal Analysis

The selected bill of right is based on the Fourth Amendment. The fourth amendment states that the people’s right to be secure in their effect, persons, papers, and houses, against unreasonable seizures and searches, shall not be desecrated and no permits shall issue, nevertheless upon  possible cause, reinforced by affirmation or oath, and specifically describing  the things or person to be seized and place to be searched (Kim, 2017).

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This is one of the most important bills of right since it protects citizens from the misused police power of search and arrest. This bill protect people going about their own business from unnecessary stop and search which can be disruptive and a waste of time especially to the innocent people exposed to police wrath. The amendment ensures that people have rights to live their life without fear and being anxious that police may come at any time and turn their houses and personal properties upside down without any concrete reason.

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The amendment protects the public from unnecessary intrusion of their life by the government (Kim, 2017). Before this amendment, the government enjoyed the freedom of stopping, interrogating, or searching anyone they chose too even without any specific reason of doing so. Public harassment by the government officials was the order of the day, and the citizen did not have any power to resist. The amendment has changed this, demanding a court warrant for any officer to search, or seize a person of his or her properties. For the warrant to be provided, there are particular criteria that it must satisfy to safeguard both the citizen and the law administration officers. This bill of right is considerably important since it safeguards the privacy of citizens. It also assists in upholding the concept of innocent until proven otherwise in the execution of law.

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