Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics Impact on Nursing Practice

Bioinformatics refers to the science that involves the collection and analysis of complex biological data such as genetic codes. As such, nursing practice is being reshaped by the new tools for diagnosis, management, and treatment of common diseases. In the area of genetic services, access and delivery are being reshaped significantly by the web-based innovations taking place(Huston, 2013). Since the advancements taking place point towards a bionic convergence, an array of health care opportunities is becoming available as electronics and biotechnology converge. The expansion in health care opportunities for clients is as a result of the innovative opportunities for health management, restoration, and promotion that are coming up rapidly(Huston, 2013). With the help of nurses who have an extended history of providing family centered, holistic care in the various practice settings, new dimensions to their practice can be created by leveraging the innovations in health care.Data availability in the ICU plays a significant role in improving patient care and constitutes the innovative presentation of patient information(O’Connell & Craig, 2008). Ultimately, proper and well-organized patient information ensures better outcomes of critical care patients and creates a positive effect on the critical care environment(Jastremski, 1999).

As the practice of medicine goes through this transformation occasioned by the bionic convergence and health informatics, it becomes an exciting time for nurses because they will be able among other developments to meet genetic specialists through telemedicine, get genetic family risk assessments, treatment and prevention through the internet, and identify genetic predispositions and disorders via a gene chip.As nurses become well versed in the management of genetic health information, they will be best placed to support the empowerment of patients as they partner with both families and patients and guide them to health decisions that re more meaningful to them.

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