Improving Healthcare delivery and Performance

Healthcare delivery and performance

The healthcare service providers make initiatives to ensure the standards on the healthcare services and quality are kept at par always, through policy reforms, re-organization, credentialing and accreditation, and also measures to standardize the care processes. However, at the realm of healthcare lean the interactions between clinicians and the individual patients. Therefore ensuring improvement in the communication and relationships, enhancement of the individual decision-making in an evidence-based decision support and facilitation of the patients’ involvement and being responsible for their own care are vital elements for safer and better healthcare services (Omachonu, 2008).

The evaluation of the people’s process within the healthcare systems ensures individuals in need of healthcare receive services of high-quality from the service providers (Lighter, 2011). A good supervision ensures that there is increased competence and satisfaction of providers thereby improving the performance of the facility, consequently increasing satisfaction and well-being of the clients.

The increased value/ performance standards

The Eden Medical Center shows an increased value in level of quality service provision in a number of ways as this paper highlights on only two of these performance indicators: The first element that the facility has given the process of obtaining feedback, that is, suggestions and comments from the community and the clients a vital source of pursuing any other new policy to the best interest of its clients (Upton, Graber & New York University, 2003). Secondly, the facility has built the capacity of the process of supervision in communicating and setting standards, building teams, monitoring performance in accordance with the standards and hastening of the communication skills.

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