Impact of Challenging Behaviour on Health and Social Care Organizations

A challenging behavior is one that is considered to be of a high magnitude to the extent that it threatens the well being of the person that bears it as well as that of those who surround the bearer. One negative impact of challenging behavior is that it results in a case where the bearer has to face elimination from the society. In some cases, the person who bears it is stopped from getting access to certain services and facilities that are enjoyed by other community members (College of Psychiatrists, p. 10). One area that is thought to be the cause of challenging behavior is the area where the individuals grow. The people whom the victim associates with prior to being a victim do matter a lot. For an intervention process to commence and become effective, then an assessment has to be done both on the victims and the environment in which the victims reside.

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A good example is a situation where a person living with disabilities expresses dissatisfaction with certain aspects in the environment where he or she lives. In such a situation, measures must be taken and analysis done to establish the factors that causes the dissatisfaction. Additionally, the clinicians in collaboration with other health workers must do a serious analysis and ensure that the inadequate needs that cause the dissatisfaction are met promptly. Since challenging behavior is no longer a new concept in the society, health professionals are normally advised to be keen on prior signs to challenging behavior. The professionals should be able to read the signs of challenging behaviors so that they take advance measures to stop it before it gets to the worst level. Some of the known impacts of challenging behavior include the following:

Frustration of careers

A person who suffers from challenging behavior is most likely to have a shaking career because for one they never take their work with the seriousness it deserves. Secondly, their levels of concentration on their jobs are relatively low as compared to the other “normal persons”. For instance, those who suffer from challenging behavior may be fond committing mistakes within their work places to an extent that their leaders get fed up with them. The number of times they are found in mistakes within their working places may eventually lead to their dismissal from their jobs.

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Shortage of staff

If for instance a health care organization is led by a person who suffers from challenging behavior, his character may in the long run lead to dismissal and resignation of a number of staff members. The resignation of te other staff members may be catapulted by the fact that the intensity of the challenging behavior threatens the life quality of the other staff members. For instance, if the staff members feel harassed and unappreciated at their working place then it becomes easy for them to resign from their work places.

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Apart from that, health care organizations are some of the organizations that are well known for handling such cases of people who are behaviorally challenged. That might get to an extent where the staff members get exhausted of dealing with such cases, and they in the long run quit such jobs.


Another impact of the challenging behavior is causing certain damages to either their own families or people who are close to them. Their behavior can in some instances lead to property damages and even damages of relationships.

Work related stress

Challenging behavior can in the first place cause stress to the people who work with those who suffer from challenging behavior. Their lack of concentration and cooperation at the work places might make their staff members very frustrated. Secondly, one can suffer from challenging behavior as a result of the work that they go through on a daily basis.

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