Organizational Structure And Organizational Functions of Dell Company

Part I: Organizational Structure of Dell Company

The core company being analyzed in this paper is Dell Company. Dell Company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Dell Corporation has a functional organizational structure. Functional organizational structure helps different functional components and departments at Dell Company to share ideas to promote strength of the organization (Usman, 2012). At the top most postion of the structure is the Chief Excutive Officer, Michael Dell. There are several directors serving under the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer at Dell Company oversees the activities of variuos departments including the Public Group department, Finance department, Marketing department, Dell Sevices department, Enterprise Group department, Small and Medium Group department, Strategy department, department, Legal department and Human Resources department. Since Dell is an international company, these heads of all departments work together to ensure that operations in all stores worldwide are operating smoothly (Kraemer and Dedrick, 2002). Figure 1 shows the organizational structure if Dell Company. Examples of companies with fuctional organizational structures are Apple Inc shown in figure 2 and TBS Managed Services shown in figure 3.

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