SWOT Analysis – El Hefe Inc

El Hefe is an electronics company dealing in the manufacturing of electronic products including mobile phones, computers etc. The following is a SWOT analysis for the company.


The company reputation is very high. Additionally, El Hefe produces its products alongside operating systems for their gadgets enabling them to control their products. It also leads in innovation and product differentiation. The company’s growth rate is high despite the competitive nature of the technology market. The company also has a good a workforce that not shares the company’s vision within and out of the company therefore providing the requisite goodwill.


El Hefe Company has weaknesses as well that seek to derail its development as an electronics company the fierce competition posed by similar companies. The company produces quality products and that translates to high prices for its products. This does not attract many customers considering the fact that the market is proliferated with companies some of which sell their products at lower prices.


The company has opportunities one of which being growth in market share. The company is gradually picking up and one its major concern is to create a strong brand that can achieve the competitive edge in the current technology market. Additionally, the company is looking forward to investing in a software industry to complement its products. This will create a new avenue for making profits and therefore increasing the company’s market share (Fine, 2009)


The only threat to the success of El Hefe Company is the potential growth in competition in the market. The market has in the past few years attracted many investors thus bringing forward competition which has a significant impact on market share and the future is expected to be attract even more investors thus increased competition. However, the company’s strategic plan is to carry out product differentiation to be able to capture a wider market than its current market (McCarthy,2015)

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