BRL Hardy – Globalizing An Australian Wine Company

 How do you account for BRLHardy’s international success in the wake of the merger.?

BRL Hardy’s international success is attributed by a number of factors in the wake of the merger. The merger provided room for increased deliveries from to almost five hundred member growers.  The newly increased member growers delivered over fifty thousand tonnes of grapes which attributed to the BRL attaining a second largest rank in Australia.

The success can also be accounted for in terms of the new integrated management team that was growth oriented. The new management team as suggested by Miller could expand their targets beyond home market unlike the former. The merger was accompanied by great business innovations that included the management styles. David woods proclaim that not everyone could easily adopt but he finally earns his stripes through self innovations by integrating two sales forces.

 Should Millar approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto  Why/why not?

Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto, a new line of Italian wines, could only promote the centralization of the market. This is very contrary to what Miller believe in. Approving the launch could jeopardize his desire for the European unit’s actions. Apart from the centralization element, Carson’s proposal had its financial implications that could have been drastic for the organization.  There were far too many concerns about the Italian ventures plus the senior management’s bad feeling towards the whole idea.

 What recommendation would you make to the organization concerning the conflicting proposals for Kelly’s Revenge and Banrock Station? What would you decide to do as Carson? As Millar?

About the conflicting proposals for Kelly’s revenge and Banrock Station, both had potential catch at different regions. An organization best prioritized goal is to make the most profit while maximizing sales, the brand dominating in an extended geographical cover is deemed fit for an organization. However as Carson, with great conviction and support from the United Kingdom, I will pursue the support for the new brand of Kelly’s revenge over Bankrock Station. As Miller on the other hand, personality and personal stand towards a brand should not precede the business interests. Kelly’s revenge seeks to dominate a wide cover and support.  I will involve Davies into logical reasoning concerning the practicability and profitability of the brands and give in if necessary.

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