Canned Vegetables and Aspirin Marketing Mix : Price

The marketing mix is deemed as a tool used by marketers during marketing. This tool is commonly considered as crucial instrument particularly during determination of brand or product’s offer, and is usually connected with the four P’s, that is, promotion, product, price and place. Within service marketing, the four P’s are expanded into 4 P’s or even 7 P’s thus being able to address various natures of services. Indeed, application of marketing mix during sales of various products have been proved to bring about productivity and increment of sales hence reinforcing stability and competency powers of the targeted goods or services. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing comparison between marketing mix of both canned vegetables and aspirin (Schlimme, 2005).

Aspirin is a medicine used to treat pain as well as reducing inflammation or fever. It is sometimes employed to prevent or treat heart attacks, chest pains, and stroke. This drug needs to be used for cardiovascular issues only beneath the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, the marketing mix for aspirin is indicating a great different from that of canned food. In the view of targeted population, Aspirin is only used by individuals cumbered with health challenges, particularly those who are seeking relieve from pain or inflammation. Based on this, the market place for this product can only do well in dispensaries, chemistries as well as in hospitals. Similarly, the common shop for other basic goods can also act as suitable places of selling this product (Grönroos, 2007).

With regard to product view, this drug has been confirmed to be contained with capability of satisfying all customers need basically those who are faced with inflammation and pains. Similarly, this product is contained with longer lifespan hence it does not get spoilt quickly thereby proving its efficiency in storage as well as indicating effectiveness as far as its workability is concerned. Conversely, the marketers for this product are required to ensure that aspirin’s product line amount of drugs being manufactured has been increased so  as to meet the increasing demand by the customers (Schuh, 2000).

Moreover, the company manufacturing aspirin should be offering rationale prices thus ensuring all individuals are capable of purchasing this product without struggling very much. At this point, the marketer should realize that the users of this product are consuming due to being forced by circumstances, and its usage will never fluctuate in a greater manner since individuals are being cumbered by health problems every day. As a result, the cost of aspirin should be equated with fixed price hence ensuring always know the price and be confidently sure that these charges will not fluctuate (Grönroos, 2007). Additionally, the Aspirin Company should also be conducting promotions through going to healthcare sectors and issuing free drugs hence notifying other individuals that there exists this kind of drug as well as attesting its functionality. In connection to this, they should be lowering prices of the drug hence ensuring that all patients are able to but this drug without straining much (Friend, Vucenik & Miller, 2003).

On the other hand, canned vegetables are a form of preserved food by which it content are processed and sealed with an airtight contained. This is considered as amongst ways of providing shelf life basically one to five years, though beneath specific conditions it can be much longer. Otherwise, the marketing mix for canned vegetables is viewed to be very different from that of aspirin. Foremost, the pricing criteria of this product seem to be varying from time to time based on season, selling area, wealth status of the consumers as well as the demand of the good. With regard to this, the marketer should use pricing criteria which allows price discrimination and differentiation and also trying its level best to offer charges that will enable the company to outweigh other companies selling similar product (Friend, Vucenik & Miller, 2003).

Furthermore, the suitable place for selling canned vegetable is in regions where the accessibility of flesh vegetable is hard particularly in very dry areas. Actually, the marketer should try to focus and target urban centres as the leading market for selling canned vegetables since the rural consumers shall only afford lower prices and the consumption of this product will also be low in rural area as compared in cities and towns (Schuh, 2000).

In view of product, this canned food company should ensure that its product is contained with sufficient and demanded contents, and this can be achieved through observing nutrient contents of the product. Similarly, this company should also offer quality products endowed with uniqueness hence avoiding chances where consumers may encounter hardship in differentiating products from different companies. In connection to this, the marketer should also provide prices that match value of the product being sold. In addition, the marketing strategy should involve promotion where the company advertises its products to ensure that all individuals have familiarized with these products. For instance, the company might arrange road shows where they visit various places informing individuals about the existence of this product. While summing up, the marketing of this product should also be done on social media hence leading to increase in sale of the canned vegetables (O’Connor & Sullivan, 2005).

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