Case Study : Vietnamese Independence

The services Vietnam render during the conflict

Ho Chi Minh begun the Vietnamese independence declaration highlighting three keywords borrowed from American and France independence declaration: right to life, liberty and happiness. Analysis on the declaration indicated that the document is elastic and timeless in the sense that it is applicable to other places and eras(Brannigan, 2014). The primary objective of the declaration was to inform the audience in this case the Vietnam citizens and the world that Vietnam was independent from colonial rule. In order to make the Vietnamese and the world to accept the independent Republic of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh stated some of the service the Vietnam people offered to French soldiers during the conflict with Japanese troops.

Despite inhumane laws and mistreatment by the French colony, Vietnamese helped the French troops cross the frontiers, liberated captured French troop from Japanese prisons, and protected the properties and lives of French people in their territories(Ho, 2014). By highlighting these services extended to the French people during the conflict, Ho Chi Minh was trying to show to the international communities especially French allies that independent Republic of Vietnam deserve to be supported as a payback for the assistance they offered French people.

The principles of self-determination and equality of a nation

            Self-determination and equality of nations are the two principles Ho Chi Minh was referring to in the declaration. Allied nations were advocating for this principles after World War II at Tehran and San Francisco(Duncan, 2004). According to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese people fought side by side with allies against oppression and domination by colonials over their colonies. Therefore, these allies should not refuse to accept and acknowledge the freedom and independence of Vietnamese people. Ho Chi Minh referred to these principles since it was consistent with what allies were advocating for during the World War II. British and allied nations fought against Hitler in World War II because they believed in self-determination and equality of nations(Jefferson, 2013). As a result, it was the obligation of the allies to acknowledge and accept the freedom and independence of Vietnamese.

Crimes committed by French against Vietnamese

            In the declaration, French deprived Vietnamese their democratic liberties such as enforcing inhuman laws through creation of three different political regimes as a way of creating disunity(Ho, 2014). Other crimes include merciless slain, constructed more prisons than schools, obstructed public opinions, imposed the use of alcohol and opium in order to weakened Vietnamese race, fleeced the people, devastated Vietnam land, impoverished Vietnamese and robbed of Vietnamese their raw materials, forest, mine and rice fields. In addition, French introduced unjustifiable taxes that fleeced the peasantry into the state of extreme poverty. This also hampered the growth and development of Vietnam economy.

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