Clean Car Care (3Cs) Case Study Questions and Sample Answers

Clean Car Care (3Cs) is located within a mid-western city of 175,000 people. The company owns and operates four full service car washes in the city. The owner, Otto Spritz, has strategically cornered the car wash market, with his only competition being two coin operated car washes on the outskirts of the city. The current unemployment rate in the city and the surrounding area is 3.8% and is expected to go somewhat lower.
Otto has staffed 3Cs by hiring locally and paying wage premiums (above market wages) to induce people to accept jobs offers and to remain with 3Cs. Hiring occurs at the entry level only, for the job of washer. If a washer remains with 3Cs, they have the opportunity to progress upward through the ranks, going from washer to shift lead person tom assistant manager to manager of one of the four car wash facilities. Until recently, this staffing system worked quite well for Otto. He was able to hire high-quality people, and a combination of continued wage premiums and promotion opportunities resulted in little turnover (under 30% annually). Every manager at 3Cs, past or present, has come up through the ranks. But that is now changing with the sustained low unemployment in the region and the new hires, who just naturally seem to be more turnover-prone. Only a few new hires stay with 3Cs long enough to begin climbing the ladder, resulting in an internal promotion pipeline that is drying up.
Otto has a vacancy for the job of manager at the north-side facility. Unfortunately, he does not think any of his assistant managers are qualified for the job, and he reluctantly concluded that he has to fill the job externally. A vigorous three-county recruitment campaign netted Otto a total of five applicants. Initial assessments resulted in four of those being candidates. Two of the four became finalists.
Jane Roberts is the number one finalist, and the one to whom Otto has decided to extend the offer. Jane is excited about the job and told Otto she will accept an offer if the terms are right. Otto is quite certain Jane will get a counteroffer from her current company. Jane has excellent supervisory experience in fast-food stores and a light manufacturing plant. She is willing to relocate, a move of about 45 miles. She will not be able to start for 45 days, due to preparing for the move and the need to give adequate notice to her present employer. As a single parent, Jane wants to avoid work on either Saturday or Sunday each week. The number two finalist is Betts Cook. Though she lacks the supervisory experience that Jane has, Otto views her as superior to Jane in customer service skills. Jane told Otto she needs to know quickly if she is going to get the offer, since she is in line for a promotion at her current company and she wants to begin at 3Cs before being offered and accepting the promotion.
Otto is pondering what kind of offer to make to Jane. His three current managers make between $28,000 and $35,000, with annual raises based on a merit review conducted by Otto. The managers receive one week of vacation the first year, two weeks of vacation for the next four years, and three weeks of vacation after that. They also receive healthcare insurance (with a 20% employee co-pay on the premium). The managers work five days each week, with work on both Saturday and Sunday frequently occurring during the peak times. Jane currently makes $31,500, receives health insurance with no employee co-pay, and has one week of vacation (she is due to receive two weeks shortly, after completing her second year with the company). She works Monday through Friday, with occasional work on the weekends. Betts earns $34,500, receives health insurance fully paid by her employer, and has one week of vacation (she is eligible for two weeks in another year). Weekend work, if not constant, is acceptable to her. Otto is seeking input from you, his HR consultant, on how to proceed.

You have been hired as an HR consultant to help the company’s owner fill a manager’s vacancy at its north-side facility. Your paper (your input as the HR consultant) must address the following:

There are many ways that people need to fit with an employment opportunity to be a successful match. What type of fit do you think Otto was seeking to maximize in his selection of Jane and Betts? Explain your answer.

Employers tend to evaluate many factors when looking for potential employee to fill in a vacancy in their enterprise. In this case Otto was evaluating four important factors that tells whether Jane and Betts fits with employment opportunity. These factors are attitude or organizational match, cognitive ability, interests or job match, personal structure and technical competences (Whitley, Kostick, & Bush, 2010). Organizational match is described as the extent in which the potential candidate’s ethics, values, attitudes and grooming fits the requirement of job position. The most appropriate tool for evaluating organizational match is face-to-face interviews. Some of the factors that may be observed in the process include honesty, being not prone to hostility and being drug-free.

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            Skills match is the second factor when evaluating fit with the employment opportunity among the candidates. It is described as the extent to which an individuals’ previous experience, technical skills, educational background and specific expertise fits those requirement for the job position. In the case study Otto was looking for specific set of technical skills and knowledge which could not be found within internal employees (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). Jane and Betts have different technical skills and knowledge which fits job position which is the managerial positions. Studies have shown that skills match helps the employees to handle job challenges if the technical skills and knowledge matches the required job position.

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            The third factor is the job match which is also considered as the integral part of a candidates’ job success. It is described as the process of evaluating personality traits, interests and cognitive abilities matches in specific job. Otto was looking core personality which is the characteristic that have been trained over many years (Simonsen, Fabian, Buchanan, & Luecking, 2011). Jane and Betts showed that they are interested in working with the team of Clean Car Care. While cognitive abilities helps the employer to determine how quickly an individual learns and the most effective means of learning. For example, individuals that have indicated their ability to exceptionally quicker problem solvers have high chances of thriving in a challenging environment.

The selection component of staffing is the process of assessing and evaluating people to determine if there is a fit between the person and the job. What KSAOs do you think are required for success in the manager’s position at 3Cs? Describe/discuss why these are the required KSAOs.

KSAOs is described as job-related Knowledge’s, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics that an applicant must have to perform successfully in the position. KSAOs are categorized into two major categories: behavioral and technical. Behavioral KSAOs is described as measures of soft skills (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). These soft skills include the approaches and the attitude individuals’ portray in their work place such as the ability to communicate orally and ability to work as a team with all the employees regardless of the ethic, race, culture and class (Kehoe, & Wright, 2013). Therefore, the manager at Clean Car Care should be to collaborate with other employees by working as team, encouraging employees to solve their conflicts using the appropriate means as well as developing the culture of equally and respect among the employees.

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            Technical KSAOs is described as measures of acquired hard technical skills and knowledge. For example, in the case study Jane has excellent supervisory skills which is helpful to the 3Cs and Betts in the other hand has excellent customer service skills which will help 3Cs to be successful (Sun, Aryee, & Law, 2007). These are the technical KSAOs that is required to make 3Cs successful. Other skills and knowledge include ability to create and manage various Microsoft applications and accounting principles which are used in the management of 3Cs records.

Do you support the decision to extend an offer to Jane Roberts? Explain your position.

I think the decision by Otto to extend an offer to Jane was appropriate because of the excellent supervisory skills from light manufacturing plant and fast-food stores. These experiences is vital for a manager at 3Cs in order to make the enterprise more successful. This indicated that Jane is likely to gel with her assistance as well as the broad individuals working at Clean Car Care (Montana, & Petit, 2009). Also, the fact that Jane is likely to receive a counteroffer from her current employer is clear indication that she is a good asset that any organization would like to have. The excitement, willingness to accept the offer and preparedness of Jane to relocate are also indication that she is ready to work at Clean Car Care. Another reason is that Jane’s’ current salary is $31,000 and falls within the range Otto pays his managers which is between $28,000 and $35,000. This shows that Jane is likely to accept the salary offered because it is within the required range. Therefore, I support the decision by Otto to offer Jane the job as the new manager at Clean Car Care.

Recommend which type of job offer should be used by 3Cs for Jane Roberts. Explain why this is your choice. Also, discuss why you believe the other choices would not work in this situation.

The analysis of the case study indicated that Clean Car Care should use best shot offer for Jane Roberts. This is because Jane have shown that she excellent performer in the previous employment as well as her current employer (Nishii, Lepak, & Scheneider, 2008). Also, Jane is in line for promotion in her current employment. This means that Jane’s current employer was likely to make a counteroffer when Clean Car Care. Best shot offer is likely to offer Jane a strong incentives which will make her leave the current employer and join Clean Car Care. Although, Jane may probably resist working on the weekend thus becoming an obstacle during the agreement between Jane and the 3Cs (Scanlon, 2014). Therefore, the Clean Car Care should provide the best overall job offer that will compensate Jane for working over the weekend.

            In the other hand, using a low ball offer for Jane makes her to feel uncompetitive because case suggested that Jane was not desperate for the job. This also makes Jane’s current employer to be more competitive than Clean Car and Care, hence encouraging her not change the job. It is important to note that Jane is waiting promotion in her current employment, thus suggesting that her job with current employer is favorable (Scanlon, 2014). Secondly, promotion is likely to offer Jane competitive salary and good benefits. Therefore, Clean Car Care should not use low ball to offer Jane employment.             Another offer that Clean Car Care should not use to offer Jane job is competitive offer because it is not strong enough to convince Jane to leave her current employer. Using competitive offer means that Clean Car Care would offer Jane terms that matches her current salary and benefits which is risk because Jane is waiting for promotion which is likely to offer her high salary and benefits. Also, the working schedule for Jane is likely to change because the Clean Car Care operate over the weekend, therefore, she will be required to work over the weekend and terms should compensate for the extra working days

Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, and vacation that might be addressed in the job offer. Explain why you believe these to be relevant inducements for Jane Roberts.

From the case study, it is clear that two more inducement are appropriate based on the prevailing conditions: hiring bonuses and relocation expenses. The Clean Car Care Company should offer Jane lump sum hiring bonus which is one-time in order to encourage her to take up the position. This offer is also advantageous to the Clean Car Care because it is a onetime expenses. While relocation assistance may include house hunting services as well as meeting moving expenses. These two inducement helps Jane to quickly move through the transition from the current employment to working at Clean Car Care.

Draft and include as a separate page (not an attachment), a proposed offer letter to Jane Roberts, incorporating your recommendations in numbers 4 and 5 above, as well as other desired features that should be part of a job offer letter.

If Jane Roberts doesn’t accept the offer, what would you recommend as a next step to the owner? Explain your recommendation.

If Jane Roberts choose not to accept the job offer, the owner should offer the second candidate the job which is Betts Cook. After the interview, Betts Cook emerged the second after Jane Roberts therefore she should be the second candidate in the list to be offered the job if the first one does not accept. Secondly, although Betts has little experience in supervisory work, she has excellent skills on the customer care service which also vital for the company. Based on these two reasons, I would recommend to the owner to extend an offer to Betts Cook.

If the owner decides to extend an offer to Betts Cook, which type of job offer should be used by 3Cs for Betts Cook’s offer? Explain why this is your choice. Also, discuss why you believe the other choices would not work in this situation. Would your answer to this question be different depending on whether she is the #1 choice or she is offered the job after Jane Roberts rejects Otto’s offer?

The company should use competitive offer which matches the terms of the Betts current employer. In the case study, it is indicated that Betts receives $34,500 and occasionally working over the weekend. This means that the company should not worry about working schedule because Betts is used to working offer the weekend. Although, Betts salary is within the range paid to managers in 3Cs, the offer should raise a little to lure from current employer.

            Best shot offer should not be used in Betts case because she does not have supervisory experiences which was the key in the selection process. In addition, Betts did not indicated that she is in line for promotion, therefore, it means she will likely accept an offers that is competitive.             Low ball offer should not be used because it will not lure Betts from her current employer. Since Betts is already working, she will not be desperate to move to a job that offer less salary and benefit she is currently getting from her employer.

Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, and vacation that might be addressed in Ms. Cook’s job offer. Explain why you believe these to be relevant inducements for Betts Cook.

Similarly, the offers given to Jane should also extended to Betts. This include hiring bonus and translocation. These two offers will lure Betts from her current employer and join 3Cs Company.

Draft and include as a separate page (not an attachment), a proposed offer letter to Betts Cook, incorporating your recommendations in numbers 8 and 9 above, as well as other desired features that should be part of a job offer letter.

The owner of 3Cs reluctantly concluded that he needed to fill this job externally for several reasons. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or recommendations that would address his inability to make this an internal promotion? What relevant facts support your thoughts? What strategies would you suggest he implement with respect to staffing and turnover in the future?

You must reference no less than six (6) sources for your work. Although you may use and appropriately cite your textbook, it does not count as one of the six sources. I am flexible on the types of sources that you utilize, but you must cite the source appropriately (using APA format). Please do not use social media type websites. Three (3) of your sources must also comply with instructions 13 and 14 below.

After your bibliography page, please include an annotations page and complete the following for three (3) of your sources: Choose articles that discuss, apply, or assist you in addressing any of the topics in this final paper. Do not rewrite the articles. Summarize the contents of the articles in your own words. If you use specific quotes or parts of the articles, you must cite the source appropriately. Explain the articles’ application to this assignment (how does it relate?). How did you utilize this resource?

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