Company Systems Review Committee Proposal Memo

Company Systems Review Committee Proposal Assignment Instructions:

Situation: Your boss, the IT manager, was ready to explode. “Why can’t we get our priorities straight,” he fumed. “Here we go again, working on a low-value project, just because it’s a favorite of the marketing group. I wish we could get away from departmental politics! I want you to draft a memo that proposes a systems review committee for this company. Explain the advantages, but don’t step on anyone’s toes!”

  •  Write a draft of the Systems Review Committee proposal, as your boss requested.
  • Write a memo to your boss explaining potential disadvantages of the committee approach.
  • Draft a set of ground rules for  Committee’s meetings. Try to suggest rules that will minimize political differences and focus on the overall benefit to the company.
  • Most people have served on a committee at some point in their lives. Write a brief memo describing your committee experiences, good or bad.

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