Computer Operating Systems Task

A computer’s operating system is one of its most imperative sectors, owing to the integral role it plays in making various operations possible. The services and functions are autonomous and can be divided into two main categories. One category primarily deals with the enforcement of protection when providing these services. This occurs when two different processes are inadvertently running in a concurrent manner at a given point during the operating system’s function. Typically, the processes taking place inside a computer are permitted to have full access to memory locations and address spaces. In this particular category, there is a clear demarcation between the processes taking place, coupled with a system that ensures that files associated with the user are not corrupted at any given point (Singh, 2011, p. 56). Moreover, it’s vital to acknowledge that the process does not have access to the devices, which is made possible without intervention by the operating system. The second and less significant category includes all computer services that are made possible by its functionality while playing a minor role in the device. It’s vital to acknowledge that these services are not bolstered directly by any of the underlying hardware but seems to function rather remotely.  In this case, services such as file systems and virtual memory serve as perfect examples since they are both provided within the operating system.

In reality, system programs function as bundles that serve system calls in improving a computer’s efficacy. All basic functionalities within a computer originate from their services allowing the users to solve mundane process without having to develop their own program for troubleshooting. The System Software is one such program popular for functioning automatically. It does this through its ability to harness language translators while using device drivers that ensure any technical detail put through the computer is dealt with ensuring that the utilities are also put to use (Andújar, López, & Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2014, ). The “utilities” found in system programs are programs instituted in a computer with the sole purpose of making the whole process of computing much easier to users. A common example comes in the form of antivirus programs that aid the computer in protecting vital data while ensuring that a backup program is available whenever there is a crash. “Device drivers” found within the computer serve an integral function of allowing communication to occur in the computer tower. In this particular case, communication occurs between a computer and its devices creating an internal storage device system. On the other hand, the “Operating system” functions more as a device aiding in multi-tasking. Its main task is in ensuring that multiple programs are opened and maintained simultaneously without interfering with other programs. Lastly, a computer’s “language translators” arte tasked with translating languages that users are unable to read to one that they can readily comprehend.

One of the primary advantages of using a time-shared operating system over the non-time shared one has to do with the fact that a task is allotted with their specific amount of time, which acts as an advantage. The switching time is therefore greatly reduced making any interruptions to the applications highly unlikely. Also, a time-shared operating system is faster than its contemporary since the batch systems can be used to improve its performance. In a contemporary world where many individuals prefer to run their businesses, the time-sharing operating system is preferred since it allows multiple tasks to run at the same time without any interruption taking place (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, 2017, p. 78). Threads can also be used in a time-sharing operating system which ensures that all tasks running on the computer are function appropriately and at top form.

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