Considerations when Conducting Psychological Research


A study conducted by psychologists to examine the experiences and behaviors of human beings is known as psychological research. Such studies can have occupational, clinical and educational application depending on the nature of data obtained. Traditionally, researchers have performed all kinds of experiments in the name of psychological research studies. However, some of these experiments do not meet the requirements of psychological research studies because the researchers do not pay attention to important issues. The three main important considerations when conducting the research, and that all psychologists must pay attention to, include; considerations when selecting participants, methodological considerations, and ethical considerations. All the three considerations have specific importance and ignoring them can lead to questionable experiments (Goodwin, 2002).

The main important considerations when conducting psychological research

Researchers must consider the type of sample recruited for the research. According to Goodwin (2002), there is a close relationship between the phenomenon being investigated and the sample recruited for a psychological research. For example, a psychologist who wants to investigate variations in economic and religious backgrounds of citizens across countries can use a sample of students from an international university. Students in an international university are from a wide range of religious and economic backgrounds and can act as a good representative sample of members of different nations.

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