Copyright Issues – Copyright Alert System

The Copyright Alert System is a response system that aims at reducing copyright infringement over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The Copyright Alert System will be effective over the coming years because many content owners, technology companies and consumer stakeholders have been seen educating users about copyright laws and encouraging them to enjoy entertainment legally, including increasing their awareness about what is regarded as an infringement behavior. In addition, these groups have developed a deliberate and methodical approach to implementation of the new system as required. Even consumers believe that copyright infringement is never okay, making implementation possible (Center for Copyright Information, 2014).

The existing fair use exceptions strike a balance between creators and users of the material. The content owners have managed to protect illegal use of their products, and users have user continue to get access to compelling contents. For instance, over the past five years, legal sources of digital music, movies and TV shows have literally exploded. In addition, many users now subscribed to digital diverse contents such as Beats Music, Spotify, Netflix and Hulu (Center for Copyright Information, 2014).

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