Corruption Practices of Police and Correctional Systems

Police misconduct is a common problem in most parts of the United States. Police are involved in a number of brutal acts toward citizens, especially young black Americans. There have been cases of police shooting to unarmed young black men. Video footage have also shown police harassing women during traffic stop, confronting  street man and beating him brutally despite of him having no weapon among other cases. Brutality has also been reported in the correctional system whereby officers in charge of the collection center are reported to use unnecessary force to punish prisoners, which including beating them up for simple mistakes as not being on time. Some are also given unhealthy punishments which can affect their well-being. In all this, most police have been found to focus on minority communities when employing unnecessary force where blacks are highly targeted. Despite of physical abuse, police are also involved in issues of disrespect, ridicule, sarcasm, name calling to citizens during their patrol or traffic stops. Unnecessary stops and search have also been reported especially among the black Americans community. Police officers have also been found to collaborate with a number of criminals by receiving protection fee and directing them on the police missions against them. This has highly affected the police operation in fighting a number of crimes in different regions.

Officers in the correction department have also been associated with profane and obscene language. They are said to use religious connotations such as goddamn or hell, excretory functions that include piss or shit, and sexual functions such as prick or fuck. Being professional trained officers they are not required to use offensive words to individuals who they are supposed to be improving. Other common misconducts in the prisons include sexual involvement of a police officer with the inmate. This is a very serious offence that makes it hard for the police officer to work effectively with the inmates.

Recommendation to counter police and Correction System Corrupt Practices

  • Police officers have a responsibility of maintaining peace and order in the society. However, they do not have any right to mishandle any suspect of citizen at any point. Most states have already defined a code of conduct to govern police officers; however, the federal government should consider defining a national code of conduct that should guide the police officers especially on issues regarding the magnitude of the force to be used while handling individuals while armed and while not armed (Barnhart, 2010).
  • Police officer found to be against the law in any way, either by mishandling citizens or supporting criminals should face the law just like all other criminals.
  • Racial discrimination in policing should also be considered an offense and equivalent legal measures should be taken to any officer who demonstrates the aspects of racial discrimination in their operation.
  • The correction system should also come up with a code of conduct defining police officers behavior while dealing with inmates. This should include restriction on the language used, professional relation between officers and inmates, and use of violence and other brutal acts.
  • All officers should be trained on communication skills and the professional language they should use at their respective area of operation.
  • The correction system should be streamline to fit its definition, more constructive programs should be introduced to enhance reshaping of inmates without use of force.
  • The police department should consider defining motivational techniques to ensure that police do their work in the right manner and with high level of dedication.
  • Close supervision of officers on duty should be employed in both police and in the correction system so as to ensure those involved in scandalous activities are punished accordingly (Bayley & Perito, 2011).


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  • Research background
  • Research Finding
  • Possible recommendation
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