Course Summary for a Desired Program to Enhance Project Management Skills In An Organization

The skills that a project manager possesses can either make a project successful or become a failure depending on their application of the skills they have in their management work, they achieve this through adequate utilization of available resources and proper time management. There are several factors that should be considered in order to enhance project management skills;

  1. Have effective communication skills- A project manager should be a good communicator consecutively encouraging the knowledge of the project to all stakeholders. He/ she is able to differentiate issues which are of more importance and discuss it with all stakeholders , these helps them to know what is expected of them throughout the life cycle of the project being carried out. The flow of information in an organization is vital and the manager should therefore be able to establish how it should be relayed and to what levels (Perce, 1998).Some of the information should not be communicated to a client and in circumstances where it should, and then the manager must be able to pass it on taking in to consideration the effects it could have on the overall success.
  2. A project manager should be highly organized and a good multi-tasker. They are entrusted with a great responsibility within the project and should be able to handle many tasks at the same time, paying attention not to prioritize some projects more than others in which case they many allocate resources inefficiently (Perce, 1998). As many tasks as they may be conducting on daily basis, they should be product- oriented in managing the projects. Lack of organization can lead to failure of the project.
  3. Be a leader and take charge of the project. Projects need to be led in a manner that builds harmony to generate credible relationships with key stakeholders and ensure alignment to the project objectives and emanate the assurance necessary to hold all participants in the project accountable (Brown, 2000). They should be able to demonstrate that the project has a future and that the result will be achieved at the end.
  4. Possess good negotiating skills, the manager should make the people to understand what it is that they are dealing with for the team to make individual efforts and accomplish the ultimate desired goals of the project(Brown, 2000). A lot time will be invested in making the negotiations to enhance the relationships and figuring out of the interests of stakeholders so that the project can move forward in the right direction. This will save time and hence resource utilization. Sometimes not being in the knowhow of negotiations may spoil achievement of the project set objectives and strategies, therefore the skills that the manager displays may affect the project positively or negatively.
  5. Be a problem-solver by being capable of recognizing them as soon as they start appearing. Certainly, in there will be times when problems and obstacles arise that involve immediate solutions this involves paying attention to details no matter how small or big the problem is this will ensure that the impacts likely or caused by the problem are addressed in time thus ensuring that proper measures are put in place(Perce, 1998). This is enhanced by knowledge which is invested technologically and good managerial skills about areas of their jurisdiction.

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